Dauphine Corporate Research Chairs

Dauphine's 16 corporate chairs serve our two fundamental missions : teaching and research

To further these missions in France and internationally, Dauphine, in association with other leading academic institutions and with the support of its corporate and public sponsors, has created Chairs of Excellence and also hosts recipients of the Blaise Pascal and Fulbright-Toqueville distinguished chair awards.

Dauphine's Corporate Research Chairs of excellence are structured around three main activities :


by developing new executive and continuing education programs and funding new full-time degree curriculum in the chair holders' respective fields


by funding PhD candidates, post-doctoral students and researchers in the chair holders' respective fields

Publications and Promotion

by promoting research programs, encouraging, facilitating and promoting research publications and fostering collaboration between faculty, researchers and the corporate community

2013 Corporate Chairs of Excellence

In 2013, Dauphine funded 16 research chairs in a wide range of fields through three Foundations and in collaboration with some 20 corporations:

Fondation DauphineRisk FoundationInstitut Europlace de Finance Foundation
Asset Management (2011) with support from AmundiInsurance and Major Risks (2007) with support from AXAFinance and Sustainable Development (2006) with support from the Crédit Agricole, CIB and EDF
The digital economy (2001) with support from the Caisse des Dépôts group, the Free corporate foundation, Hub Télécom, Logica, SFR, TDF and ZTEIndividuals and Risk (2007) with support from SCORBusiness Finance (2008) with support from the Fédération bancaire française (French Banking Federation)
Ethics and corporate governance (2011) with support from BNP Paribas, Bolloré and TotalHealth, Risks and Insurance (2007) with support from MGEN and the Institut Montparnasse
Climate Economics (2010) with support from CDC Climat
Economic Intelligence and corporate strategy (2011) with support from EDF, Epex Spot, RTE and UFERisk Markets and Value creation (2007) with support from SCOR 
Geopolitics (2009) with support from PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Sanofi, Sogeti and TotalDemographic change: Risks and Opportunities (2008) Risks and Opportunities – with support from the CNP and Malakoff Mederic 
Real Estate and Urban Planning(2009) with support from the Crédit Foncier and the SNI groupwith support from the Crédit Foncier and the SNI group  
Management and Diversity (2009) with support from the Club du XXIème siècle, GDF Suez, the MACIF, La Poste and SFR  
Performance and management (2011) with support from the AFNOR group  

For additional information about our corporate partners and for contact information visit the Fondation Dauphine web site : www.fondation.dauphine.fr/nos-chaires/