Presentation of the University of Frankfort

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University Goethe in Frankfort owes its existence and identity to the link forged between the business world and the university one. Today it is considered as one of the most renowned European universities.

Frankfort is ranked 4th in the financial sector and the 3rd business city of Europe as well as the wealthiest city of Germany. It is also the headquarters of the Central European Bank (BCE) and the Frankfort stock exchange.

Run by the President of the Goethe University Frankfurt, the House of Finance houses the centre of Excellence « Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe » (SAFE).

Description of the Program

Double degree BA 3 in Applied Economics, specialization Economics and Financial Engineering  (Dauphine) + Bachelor of Sciences in Wirtschaftswissenschaften, specialization Economics (Frankfort) or BA in Applied Economics, specialization Business Economics and Markets (Daupine) + Bachelor of Sciences in Wirtschaftswissenschaften, specialization Economics (Frankfort)

The candidates can join the program after a second year of studies. They will complete their third year at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt, fully involved in the Goethe Universität study program.

The double degree program will include classes exclusive to the Franco-German cohort, developped jointly by Dauphine and Frankfort, to be followed by all the French and German participants. More than a mere exchange, the aim is to promote a true Franco-German spirit.

Joint Events :

  • Preceding the start of the academic year in September (at Dauphine) : preparation work by groups of Franco-German students for the second seminar session
  • Joint session in January (in Frankfort): presentation of the students’ group work and following discussions
  • Graduation ceremony with the Frankfort students 

In the second semester, the students will be able to choose between a training course of at least 12 weeks in Frankfort or the compiling of a Bachelor research thesis supervised at the Goethe Universität.


  1. Mandatory courses (25 ECTS)

    • Micro-economics (5ECTS)
    • Macro-economics (5ECTS)
    • Econometrics (5ECTS)
    • Statistics (5ECTS)
    • English (5ECTS)
    These courses are part of the « Wahlpflichtmodul Economics » from the Goethe Universität; the choice of courses must be approved by Martine Carré-Tallon in the study contract of the students.
  2. Specialized courses (15 ECTS)

    • Specialization in Finance : 3 optional classes (5 ECTS per class) from the Finance and Accounting course of the Goethe Universität, on condition of validation of classes by Martine Carré-Tallon in the study contract of the students.
    • Specialization in Marketing : 3 optional classes (5 ECTS per class) from the Management course of the Goethe Universität, on condition of validation of classes by Martine Carré-Tallon in the study contract of the students.
  3. Courses specific to the program (20 ECTS)

    • Joint seminar in three stages: (1) Preceding the academic year at Dauphine: preparation of the work subjects in Franco-German groups; (2) Joint seminar in Frankfort (presentation of each group’s work ) ; (3) each group compiles a short research dissertation on the subject studied. 8 ECTS
    • Bachelor research thesis (May – July) in Frankfort or a training course in Frankfort of at least 13 weeks. 12 ECTS
    Preceding the start to the academic year, optional language classes will be on offer to students depending on the possibilities of Dauphine.

How to apply?

Soon available

The selection is made through the LSO Department.
Pedagogical Contact : Martine CARRE-TALLONmartine.carre-tallonping @

Registration and validation of programs

During their third mobility year the students will be regularly enrolled in both institutions, the registration fees (national fees at Dauphine, administrative fees at Frankfort) must be paid at the student’s home university. The students will validate their third year according to the rules in force at the Goethe Universität.

Dauphine will establish a pedagogical contract with each students participating in the program. Dauphine will also establish equivalences for the five core courses of the Licence Economie Appliquéede Dauphine and for the three specialized courses whilst recognising the specific courses in the Double Bachelor program, for a total of 60 ECTS.

The marks and/or averages obtained during the mobility year will be transferred to the home university system.

Thus, Dauphine will issue its Bachelor diploma for the Dauphine students of the program with the corresponding rating endorsements, following the average obtained in Frankfort.