Athletic facilities

Dauphine has athletic facilities both on an off-campus.


The Dauphine 1,200 m2 sports hall is located on the basement levels (-1 and -2) in the new wing of the main Dauphine building. Facilities include a dance studio, dojo (combat room), weight room, table tennis space and squash court as well as changing rooms, showers, amenities and a relaxation space.

N.B. squash courts must be reserved and paid for in advance on-line at

The cost is 8€ for 45 minutes of court time. 

Access to On-Campus Athletic Facilities 

Access to the Sports Hall is restricted and requires an access card.

  • If you are a Dauphine Student: first register on and then use your student card to access athletic facilities
  • If you are an ESIT, IPJ  student, Alumni, a spouse/child of the Dauphine faculty or staff: Receive and activate your athletic facilities magnetic access card from sport department
  • If you are a member of the Dauphine faculty or staff: Your professional card has to be activated by sport department, to access athletic facilities


For sports requiring outside or special facilities and equipment, SUAPS rents off-campus facilities near the main Dauphine campus (swimming pool, gymnasium, playing fields, tracks, golf courses and driving ranges…). Most of the off-campus facilities are within 5 to 10 minutes walking or biking ('velib') distance from the Porte Dauphine campus.

(see access map).