Housing services

Paris is a city where housing is in high demand. Student housing is no exception: available, affordable housing for students is at a premium and finding accommodations is often like running an obstacle course. So, it is extremely important to begin looking for accommodations as soon as possible.

Université Paris-Dauphine Housing Services is there to provide housing information and assistance to full-time Dauphine students and Dauphine PhD candidates.

Numerous housing options are available:

  • Government subsidized (social) housing via the Crous de Paris
  • Moderately priced housing via Dauphine Housing Services partnerships
  • Housing from individual landlords who reserve their offers for Dauphine students

Université Paris-Dauphine is also in the process of developing its own student housing. With the support of Fondation Paris-Dauphine, the university has purchased 55 housing units that are available to Paris-Dauphine students. Scholarship students will be given priority for the new Dauphine housing.

1°/ Student housing website

Student housing website offers various private rental proprieties ads to students* near the campus.

Owners could post their announcement on the website, Paris-Dauphine's students are aware of rental rules.

*Students must be register at Université Paris-Dauphine and active their online account to access the student housing website.


2°/ Applying for social housing via the Crous de Paris

The Crous de Paris is an independent organization; Université Paris-Dauphine does not take part in or have any influence over Crous housing attributions. If you are a level 4 to 7 scholarship beneficiary and would like to file an application for social housing via the Crous de Paris for the 2018-2019 academic year, you should fill out your Dossier Social Etudiant (DSE) on the Crous de Paris website as quickly as possible.
We recommend that you complete your application as soon as possible.

Crous social housing is located in Paris. Housing is attributed for 1 year (12 months) and rent varies from 350€ to 490€/month, including ancillary expenses.

International exchange students are not eligible for Crous social housing.

3°/ Applying for low-cost housing via Dauphine Housing Services partnerships

Low-cost housing available via Dauphine Housing Services partnerships is attributed based on need; level 1 to 4 scholarship students are given priority. Housing is attributed for a period of 12 months.

International exchange students are not eligible for Dauphine Housing Services partnership housing.

a / If you are a current (returning) Paris-Dauphine student :

Log into mydauphine.fr using your Passeport user ID and go to the logement section od all necessary practical housing information.

Don't forget to check www.logement.dauphine.fr regularly using your Passeport ID: you can browse all the housing offers from private landlords.

b / If you have been admitted to Paris-Dauphine for the coming year but are not yet enrolled :

If you are a level 1 to 4 scholarship student and would like to apply low-cost housing for the 2018-2019 academic year, click here to fill out your application.

N.B. : Housing spaces are limited. A housing commission determines attribution based on need in mid-July. Only fully-registered Université Paris-Dauphine students are eligible to apply.

Please contact logement-housingping @ dauphinepong.fr for all queries regarding low-cost housing.

4°/ Specialized student housing websites

The Crous, via its LOKAVITZ website, and the Centrale du Logement Etudiant, offer various private sector housing solutions: independent studios and flats, rooms in private homes or with host families, flat-shares, and some rooms in student residences (cité universitaire).

Other specialized student housing sites :

Generalist residential rental websites: 

Websites specialized in flat-shares :

5°/ Finding accommodation with a host family

7°/ Housing opportunities reserved exclusively for international exchange students attending Dauphine

This section is dedicated to exchange students within the framework of an official program between their home institution and Université Paris-Dauphine.

Université Paris-Dauphine's Housing Services maintains a quota of approximately150 Crous student housing facilities in central Paris, reserved exclusively for international exchange students coming to Paris-Dauphine

Application process:

In order to apply for the student housing reserved for Paris-Dauphine international exchange students, applicants need to fill out the logement (housing) form sent by the Pôle Logement once Paris-Dauphine officially confirmed the exchange.

The forms will be sent:

  • The 15th of May for the 1st semester students
  • In the beginning of November for the 2nd semester students

The students do not have to contact the Pole Logement prior to these dates.

Housing will be granted to student applicants based on the returned forms. Students will be notified of the result in June for the autumn semester and beginning of December for the spring semester.

N.B. - if an applicant officially accepts the student housing facilities proposition, he will be required to commit to a pre-determined rental period: either 4, 5, 6 or 10 months.

The rental periods are NON-MODIFIABLE and contractually binding:

  • 1st semester: 4-month occupancy from September 1st to December 31st
  • 2nd semester: 6-month occupancy from January 1st to June 30th
  • Full academic year: 10-month occupancy from September 1st to June 30th

Contact : logement.housing@dauphine.fr

CROUS student residences :

CROUS student residence housing comes with furniture only (bed, desk, chair, and wardrobe). Students must provide their own sheets, pillows and blankets, dishes and other equipment.
Student residence fees are for the 2017-2018 academic year.  They may have changed for the next academic year.

  • Résidence Concordia 
    Address : 41 rue de Tournefort 75005 Paris
    Accommodations available : double occupancy rooms - T1bis category (26m²) and T2 category (32 m²). Shared kitchenette and bathroom facilities 
    Monthly rent : 304€ per person for a T1bis room or 350€ per person for a T2 room.
    • Résidence Jourdan
      Address :
      144/160 rue de la Tombe Issoire 75014 Paris
      Accommodations available : single room or studio (18 m²) with private ensuite kitchenette and bathroom
      Monthly rent : 440 € per person.
  • Résidence Tombe Issoire
    Address : 9 rue de la Tombe Issoire 75014 Paris
    Accommodations available : single room or studio (18 m²) with private ensuite kitchenette and bathroom
    Monthly rent : 447 € per person.
  • Résidence Lepaute
    Address : 11 rue Nicole Reine Lepaute 75013 Paris
    Accommodations available : single room or studio (17 m²) with private ensuite kitchenette and bathroom
    Monthly rent : 363€ per person.
  • Résidence Parmentier
    Address : 8 rue Parmentier 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
    Accommodations available : single room or studio, category T1 (18m²) with private ensuite kitchenette and bathroom 
    Monthly rent : 393€ per person. 

For general information about the CROUS student residences, please visit the CROUS Website

Dauphine Logement Website : www.logement.dauphine.fr

Dauphine's dedicated student housing web site, Dauphine Logement, connects students and landlords via a secure and transparent on-line platform. You can find a wide range of housing offers including furnished accommodations that meet exchange student needs.

Exchange students on their way to Dauphine will receive an activation link for their Passport account either in early July or early December depending on their exchange dates. You can access all of the Dauphine Logement offers and services using your Passport user-ID.

Visit the Website www.logement.dauphine.fr

8°/ Tips for student renters

  • Most French landlords, be they individuals or institutions, require that renters provide them with a guarantor (a French resident with French income) who will act as irrevocable personal security for the entire amount of the rent and other charges due by the student to the landlord.
  • Renters must take out a multi-risk home insurance policy (fire, water damage …) valid from day one of the lease and throughout the duration thereof. Student health insurance organizations (mutuelles) offer home insurance and some insurance companies and banks also offer home insurance policies specifically tailored to student needs.
  • Most landlords request a security deposit to cover eventual damages to the rental property or small sums remaining due to the landlord. The security deposit for both furnished and unfurnished rental properties is limited by law to one month's rent exclusive of ancillary charges. If the renter provides a Locapass advance, the security deposit is not required.
  • Renters should make sure they understand what charges are included in the rent and what charges are his/her responsibility in addition to rent.

9°/ Financial aid (housing subsidies) from the CAF, Caisse d'Allocations Familiales

Depending on your personal situation and the type of housing you are renting, you may be eligible for housing subsidies. To qualify for housing subsidies, you must have a lease or rental agreement in your name (including flat-share leases) for a duration longer than 3 months. Furnished and unfurnished flats, university residence and independent student hall housing may all qualify for CAF subsidies.

Visit the CAF website for detailed information on housing subsidies, including a housing subsidy simulation.

File your APL or ALS housing subsidy request with the CAF as soon as you have signed your lease : housing subsidies are not retroactive and are paid out only from the 2nd month of the lease - so don't waste time !

If you are renting social housing, their administrative office can help you put together your subsidy request application.

10°/ Special housing for disabled students

To accommodate disabled students' specific housing needs and facilitate equal access to university studies, the Crous de Paris has created a special housing service for students with permanent, long-term or temporary disabilities or suffering from a health impairment recognized by the MDPH.

Disabled scholarship students benefit from a dedicated Crous housing application process and housing opportunities that take into account their specific needs.

If you are disabled and would like to apply for Crous student residence housing for the 2017-2018 academic year, fill out the online Dossier Social Etudiant (on the Crous de Paris website) before May 31st 2018.

You will also need to make an appointment with Madame Catherine SWIECICKI, the Crous Social Services representative. Contact her by telephone at +33 (0)1 40 51 35 57 or by email at mission.handicapping @ crous-parispong.fr. She will assess your housing request and needs.

The Crous Disability Commission will rule on your request and inform you of their decision in early June.

For additional information :

CROUS de Paris 39, av Georges Bernanos – 75231 Paris cedex 05

Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 51 36 00

You can also contact Pôle Handicap - Dauphine Disability Services :
Ms Sabine Persico Tel: +33 (0) or mail.
Or visit the Pôle Handicap - Dauphine Disability Services webpage.