Housing services

Paris-Dauphine students can receive assistance from the university housing office as they search for accommodations in the Paris region, a very tight rental market.

Students have access to various types of housing:

  • Low-cost apartments, through partnerships established by the university housing office
  • Private properties that owners would like to reserve for Dauphine students

Paris-Dauphine University is also committed to expanding its own housing stock. Through its foundation, it has acquired 55 units in Nanterre for students. Priority is given to scholarship recipients for this dormitory.

In addition, a new dormitory in Saint-Ouen, fully owned by Paris-Dauphine, will welcome residents in September 2019. It will house 190 Dauphine students from a range of backgrounds, offering studios and shared apartments.
Watch it's video just below: 

Will you be attending Paris-Dauphine and you need housing? Look for the housing arrangement that's right for you!

  1. Dormitories
  2. Privately Owned Housing
  3. Apartment Shares
  4. Host Family or Work Exchange
  5. Students with Disabilities
  6. Students in Unstable Housing
  7. Exchange Students

1. Would you like us to set you up in one of our student dormitories?*

To apply for housing in one of our dormitories, you must be enrolled in Paris-Dauphine, or you must at least have been accepted to the university if this will be your first year (you'll be asked to provide supporting documents during the application process).

If you choose to receive help in your search, please be aware you'll be asked to pay a 49-euro housing assistance fee during this process. This optional fee only applies to housing applications handled by us.

In the interest of being transparent with students, dormitory placements are awarded on the basis of socioeconomic criteria, as well as geographic location (priority is of course given to students farther away from the Porte Dauphine and La Défense campuses) and educational level (the youngest students will also be prioritized).

  1. If you are a level 5-7 scholarship recipient: You are advised to fill out the student social form (DSE), available from the Crous de Paris website. Rent prices with CROUS are lower than those we can offer through our partners. Please note: We are in no way involved with the process of awarding CROUS placements.
    However, if you wish, you may apply for one of our dormitories on the Dauphine Housing website.
  2. If you are a level 0-4 scholarship recipient: Fill out the housing application form on the Dauphine Housing website.
    You can additionally make a request with CROUS de Paris by completing your DSE (student social form) on the Crous de Paris website prior to May 31 of each year.
  3. If you're not a scholarship recipient: You can also apply for housing through the Dauphine Housing website, in the same way a scholarship recipient would. Just be aware that your application won't have "priority" status when housing placements are allotted.

IMPORTANT: Submitting an application doesn't guarantee you'll receive a dormitory placement. Nevertheless, we'll do everything we can to find housing for every student that requests it. Dormitory placements are subject to availability, and there is a waiting list.
Incomplete forms will be disregarded.

* This section doesn't apply to international exchange students.

2. Are you interested in private housing?

Paris-Dauphine University has created the PSL Housing platform for private housing classified ads, reserved for Dauphine and PSL students.
These ads are verified and monitored on a daily basis, ensuring a reliable, high-quality service for students. The housing arrangements on offer are usually near the school or easily accessible using public transit.

PLEASE NOTE: To access this platform, students must be enrolled at the university and enter their Dauphine Passeport user name and password.

3. Are you interested in an apartment share?

Would you like to share an apartment and are looking for a roommate? Begin your search with the Whoomies platform, a new Dauphine start-up specializing in apartment shares.

They are dedicated to connecting potential roommates based on their preferences in terms of lifestyle, interests, and personality, as well as their particular housing needs.

4. Would you like to live with a host family or do a work exchange?

(Information coming soon.)

5. Do you have a disability?

Complete your  DSE (student social form) on the CROUS de Paris website by May 31 for the start of the academic year in September.

Also schedule an appointment with the disability services case worker at CROUS de Paris, Mrs. Catherine Swiecicki, available by phone at +33 01 40 51 35 57 or by email here. She will personally assess your request and your needs.

For your information, the university offers housing for people with reduced mobility at the Saint-Ouen dormitory.

Disability services are provided by Paris-Dauphine, specifically for needs relating to campus life (e.g. course arrangements).
Please also refer to the page on disability mission at Paris-Dauphine.

6. If you need emergency housing:

The housing office is unable to handle urgent situations.

Immediately contact the social services department at CROUS, located at 39 Avenue Georges Bernanos 75005 Paris, or by phone at +33 01 40 51 62 00.

Also reach out to Naïma Kaba, the social worker at Paris-Dauphine.
Her office hours are as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: walk-ins in the morning and afternoon
  • Tuesday: walk-ins only in the morning
  • Out of the office on Fridays

7. If you are an international exchange student

We may be able to house you for a semester or full school year.

Our units are in CROUS de Paris dormitories, or through other partners, about 40 minutes from the Porte Dauphine campus. Rent ranges from 350 euros (double room) to 800 euros (premium studio), all costs included.

If you choose to receive help in your search, please be aware you'll be asked to pay a 180-euro housing assistance fee beforehand.
This optional fee only applies to housing applications handled by us.

CThis allows you to receive several services:

  • A catalog detailing the various dormitories available to you
  • A confirmation letter to help you secure a visa
  • Help in setting up a French bank account if necessary
  • L’aide à l’ouverture d’un compte bancaire en France en cas de besoin
  • Information on various sources of assistance for housing (e.g. CAF, the family welfare agency in France), and how to receive them

There are no specific steps for you to complete until you receive a letter from the university housing office, which will ask you about your housing requirements.
For the first semester, you'll be sent information in mid-May, and in mid-November for the second.

IMPORTANT: Submitting an application doesn't guarantee you'll receive a dormitory placement. Nevertheless, we'll do everything we can to find housing for every student that requests it. Placements are subject to availability, and you must respond to any requests for information by the deadline. In addition, there may be a waiting list.