Université Paris-Dauphine joined the elite group of French "Grands Etablissements" in 2004 and had been EQUIS accredited since 2009. 

Today, Dauphine is recognized as one of the premier European universities in the organization and decision sciences. Our ambition is to become an international reference institution for teaching and research in our field. 

Dauphine has chosen to develop programs and curriculum based on two guiding principals:

  • Multidisciplinarity: reflecting the complexity of the organizations we study 
  • Teaching & Research-based pedagogy: giving students access to the most recent advances in their fields and encouraging innovative and critical thought. 

IN keeping with these principals, our course offering covers a wide range of disciplines including: management, economics, law, the social sciences, political science and mathematics and applied IT for economics and business. 

Dauphine offers programs academic training for traditional university students as well as those who choose to study throughout their career:

  • full-time degree programs: are organized in compliance with the European LMD/Bachelor's/Master's/Doctorate system for both full time and apprenticeship students. They are degree-sanctioned by either national or institutional diplomas. Students can also choose Magistère multidisciplinary degrees or prepare for civil service entrance exams.
  • executive and continuing education programs: management-oriented, our Executive and continuing Education programs are designed to acquire expertise or reinforce management skill-sets. Graduates of degree programs receive French national university diplomas (DU).
International Exchange

Summer Programme LUISS - Paris-Dauphine

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Full-time programs

Now's the time to apply to a Dauphine Bachelor's program!

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Executive Education

New at Dauphine: A Dauphine University Diploma in Insurance Law

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