Administration made easy

This section is designed to answer all of your basic questions about your 'administrative' life at Dauphine from registration to obtaining an original or duplicate of your diploma.  The page does not address any academic issues.

3/ How to Join the Dauphine Alumni Association

We strongly encourage entering students to take full advantage of the Dauphine Community by joining Dauphine Alumni when they register at Dauphine for the first time.

Dauphine Alumni has devised a special student membership fee scale, paid once and valid throughout your university studies.

Participate in the Dauphine Network from day-1 and benefit from all that our dynamic and engaged network of some 70,000 graduates worldwide has to offer!

Visit the Alumni website: or stop by our office (C006).

The Student membership fee valid from 1st year Bachelor's through 2nd year Master's is a one-time fee of 90 euros for entering 1st year bachelor's students.

4/ How to obtain your official diploma

How do I obtain my official diploma or a duplicate?

click here for detailed information on how to obtain your diploma or an official duplicate

I am a recruiter: how can I verify that a candidate is in fact a Paris-Dauphine graduate?

Third Parties who wish to verify the details of a graduate from Université Paris-Dauphine should do so via our new online degree verification service.

Enquirers should also provide the student’s information and consent form to access the information by clicking on the following link:
(Please save this link in your favourites for your next requests)

Without the student consent form, it is not possible to provide the student information in accordance with the privacy law of 6 January 1978.

If information cannot be verified automatically, your request will be handled by the Université Paris-Dauphine within a period of 15 working days.

If you have any problems, queries or comments about this new service, please email verifcenter.dauphineping @ or by phone from 8:30 to 18:30 to (+33)1 39 02 73 35.

5/ Transferring to or from Paris-Dauphine

I am transferring FROM Paris-Dauphine to another university – when should I request my file transmittal form?

When you register at the other university.

I am transferring TO Paris-Dauphine – how do I have my file sent to Paris-Dauphine?

Ask the university where you were previously registered for their outgoing file transmittal form. Fill it out and have it validated first by the university you are leaving and then by Paris-Dauphine. Submit the validated file transmittal form to the Paris-Dauphine Registrar's office along with your completed Paris-Dauphine registration form.

How do I have my file sent to another university?

First download the file transmittal request form, complete the form, sign it, attach the Dauphine library discharge certificate (quitus) and have the complete, signed file transmittal request stamped by the Paris-Dauphine Registrar's Office. Give the document to your new university when you register there.