Applying to an MSO – Master's in the Organization Sciences - Law, Economics, Management, the Social Sciences


e-candidat application platform is available.

Applications must be filled via the e-candidat application system from 19th january 2019 (link just below)

Access to online application platform

Information meeting (Master's 1, Master's 2 and Dauphine Diplomas) : Friday 8th 2019 as part of Dauphine Master's Day event

Download document about our different types of programs*

(full time academic study, apprenticeship or Executive Education)

Non-EU students must register on both websites :

General terms and conditions

Step 1 : Application

  • Candidates may apply to a maximum of 3 choices
  • You will be required to prioritize your choice of programs

Further details for Master's year 1 (M1) application

  • Paris-Dauphine students must apply to 3 choices
  • Choices 1 and 2 will be examined with the same attention
  • If the 2 first choices are not approved, the 3rd choice will be examined
  • Choice 3 : selection based on application, a video must be attached to the application.

NB: All students enrolled at Université Paris-Dauphine who wish to pursue their studies in a Dauphine M1 program (including Paris-Dauphine students enrolled at one of Dauphine's international partner universities or foreign campuses) are required to submit 3 applications (their 3 top choices) including at least one application to a full-time program.

NB: DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATIONS and supporting documents. The on-line application system is compulsory – so you may encounter delays and difficulties if you wait until the last minute to complete your application.

Step 2 : Admissions decisions and candidate acceptance

  • Candidates must confirm their enrollment before the official deadline. Candidates who fail to confirm by the compulsory deadline will be considered to have withdrawn their application.

Download explanatory table


Admissions calendar for 2019-2020

Please view the list of related Master's programs just below to download the calendar corresponding to your choice 

List of related Master's programs

  • Economic master's program: Years 1 and 2
  • Management master's program: Years 1 and 2
  • Public Policies master's program: Year 1
  • Law master's program (apprenticeship): Years 1 and 2

Download calendar 1

  • Law master's program (excluding apprenticeship): Year 1
  • Law master's program (excluding Year 2 Advocacy Law program and Public Affairs apprenticeship program): Year 2
  • Public Policies master's program: Year 2
  • Civil Service Exam Preparation program (PCA)

Download calendar 2

Master's year 2 (M2) specialization in Research, Preparation for French Civil Service (PCA) - Second annual admission session

  • Application for admission open via e-candidat : July 17th 2019
  • Application deadline via e-candidat : August 21st 2019
  • Admission acceptance notifications will be sent out in 3 successive batches

Executive and Continuing Master's programs

Download Executive Education Master's programs calendar

Magistère - Multidisciplinary programs

Magistère in Management : year 1 in apprenticeship
Bachelor's year 3 (L3) :Applying to a Paris-Dauphine Bachelor's in Organization Science

Magistère in Banking, Finance and Insurance (BFA)
Bachelor's year 3 (L3) : Applying to a Paris-Dauphine Bachelor's in Organization Sciences

6. Gap Year (Année de césure)