First year students: high school graduates and future graduates

Applicants from one of Paris-Dauphine Equal Opportunity Admissions Program's partner high schools

  • To apply you must be a student who has  graduated (baccalaureate)  from one of the 27 Equal Opportunity Admissions partner high schools
  • Equal Opportunity admissions candidates must be in possession of an application file number and have filed an application according to the standard procedure between February 27th and April 7th 2017 on-line at
  • The partner high school must send completed Equal Opportunity application forms and files by post (exclusively by post) to the Fondation Paris-Dauphine by the March 24th 2017 deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: only those students who have submitted their standard application form to the Dauphine Registrar's office by the standard application deadline will qualify to have their application examined by the Equal Opportunity Admissions Commission.

Here is the list of documents that must accompany your Equal Opportunity Admissions request:

  • A complete transcript (first, second and third quarter) of "Première" grades– (please highlight the class's highest and lowest grade-point average
  • A complete transcript of first and second quarter grades for  "Terminale" – (please highlight the class's highest and lowest grade-point average
  • Grades obtained for the "bac de français", both oral and written
  • 1 hand-written motivation letter from the applicant (why Dauphine, why the choice of discipline, goals for the future, etc…)
  • 1 copy of the graded written expression exam of the" bac blanc" during "Terminale" (philisophy, history & geography…)
  • The applicant's Curriculum Vitae: including work experience, volunteer activities and participation in associations, centers of interest (academic, cultural, sports…….)
  • 2 letters of  recommendation from  two high school professors teaching 2 different subjects (preferably subjects pertinent to the Dauphine curriculum)