Certificates and Exam Preparation Programs

Université Paris-Dauphine offers several non-degree programs tailored to meet the needs of students and professionals who wish to pursue a particular subject, specialization or prepare civil service exams.


Certificat Langues et Enjeux Contemporains (LEC)
(formation initiale en 1ère et 2ème années de Licence - Sciences des Organisations)

Ce certificat permett aux étudiants sélectionnés, outre d’améliorer leurs compétences en langues étrangères, de développer une connaissance approfondie et actualisée des pays dont ils étudient la langue. 

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Certificat Etudes Juridiques (CEJ)
(formation initiale en 2ème année de Licence - Sciences des Organisations)

Ce certificat se déroule sur une période de deux ans et sanctionne le suivi d'un ensemble d'enseignements juridiques qui s'ajoutent à ceux déjà dispensés dans le cadre des deux premières années de Licence.

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Certificat Médias et Journalisme
(formation initiale en 2ème année de Licence - Sciences des Organisations)

Ce certificat est un enseignement d’ouverture pour des étudiants s’intéressent aux médias. 
Ils peuvent s’y engager par simple curiosité intellectuelle ou avec un objectif professionnel (en vue de leur Master). Il n’est donc pas réservé aux seuls étudiants se destinant au journalisme. 

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Certificate of Specialization in Financial Risk Management

This course is currently open to Masters 2 students. Taught over the entire academic year, it is sanctioned by a Certificate of Specialization in Financial Risk Management. The course will in the future be open to executive and continuing education students.

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Executive and Continuing education certificates

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Exam preparation programs

Civil Service Exam Preparation program (PCA)

This program is open to students having completed 4 years of university studies or more. It is considered a full-time program, taught over one academic year and is mandatory for all Master of Public Affairs students.

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    Exam preparation program : New York or California state bar exam

    BARBRI and Paris-Dauphine have partnered to offer a bespoke programme for international students to prepare for the US Bar Exams in order to be admitted as a US attorney. The 10-month programme is composed of both classroom and online study modules to prepare for the New York or California state bar exam.
    The programme commences each year in September with the objective of preparing for the bar exam which takes place the following July.

    In addition to an online programme utilising the tools outlined below, the programme involves workshops at key points during the bar study schedule, which are delivered at the Dauphine campus in central Paris. The workshops focus on critical skill and technique development required for the exam and are designed to complement the online learning components and serve as an opportunity to receive additional guidance, direction and support locally in Paris.

    Additionally, students are offered the opportunity to sit two simulated examinations at key points during their studies, again at the Dauphine campus in Paris, to help train for this rigorous portion of the exam. The programme includes an initial course on the Foundations in US Law, as a preliminary step in helping to sit a US Bar exam.

    This programme was specifically designed to prepare foreign, non-US educated law graduate or lawyer, to pass the Bar Exam. The Foundations in U.S. Law Course is designed to help these students to lay a foundation in the substantive topics tested on the Bar Exam, introduce them how to tackle each part of the exam, and work on starting to develop the skills needed for all parts of the Bar Exam.

    The Team

    The Programme is directed at Dauphine by Professors Duncan Fairgrieve et Arnaud Raynouard, who both have extensive experience in leading international courses, as well as Rob Dudley de BARBRI International in London.
    Administrative support for the programme is provided by Mme Delphine Rossignol, who would be delighted to respond to any requests for further information and expressions of interest from those wishing to follow the course.


    Students will need to satisfy pre-requirements before they are entitled to sit the New York and California Bar Exams.
    The eligibility requirements are quite complex, and we provide here only a general guide of the relevant rules : 

    New York State

    New York allows international (ie non-US) law graduates to sit their bar exam, but the student in question must first satisfy the New York State Board of Law Examiners that he or she fulfils certain eligibility criteria, which in essence entails that the person holds a law degree of ‘substantial and durational’ equivalence to a US law degree. As an example, a three-year LLB from a UK education institution will almost definitely be eligible, and a 4 or 5 year dual-subject degree (in other words a combined law degree with another topic) may be eligible. A conversion course such as the GDL is ineligible.
    In addition, an international law student may become eligible for the New York bar by completing an LL.M. in the United States. In general, a civil law degree (ie from France) will not be eligible for New York without further study in the US.


    Any qualified lawyer in good standing (regardless of the jurisdiction) anywhere in the world is eligible to sit the California Bar Exam.
    In order to sit the Exam, an attorney must produce a certificate of good standing and a home jurisdiction practice certificate (e.g. as an avocat before the Paris Bar).In addition, an international law student may become eligible for the California bar by completing an LL.M. in the United States.

    Given the complexity of the eligibility requirements, please do contact Ms Delphine Rossignol at Paris-Dauphine to check that you are eligible.

    About Barbri

    The BARBRI Group companies meet the legal education needs of law students and attorneys throughout their careers. At the core of The BARBRI Group Companies is BARBRI Bar Review, with market share of 70% of the US market. BARBRI Bar Review prepares law graduates for all 50 state bar exams in the US and internationally, mainly for the NY and California bar examinations. Globally BARBRI trains 37,000 students a year.

    New York Bar exam results published in October showed that for Barbri International students who completed 80% or more of the Personal Study Plan (Barbri learning management system), 76% of them passed. This compares particularly well against the international student pass rates that the NY Bar publishes which is around 40%.

    Practical informations

    The 10-month programme commences each year in September.

    The programme costs $6,995 (payment options are available).

    For further details of the programme, please contact:
    Ms Delphine Rossignol - Université Paris-Dauphine
    +33(0)1 44 05 48 42 - delphine.rossignolping @ dauphine.pslpong.eu