Finance is one of Paris-Dauphine’s leading fields of study. Our Master’s in Finance, with numerous areas of concentration in Year 1 and several fields of study in Year 2, is considered a reference in France and Internationally.
Whether they choose Full-Time study, Executive Education, or Apprenticeship, students receive comprehensive training that prepares them for key roles in finance.


  • The Master’s in Finance provides students with a broad range of generalist skills in Finance coupled with career-oriented specializations.
  • It is a 2-year program. Students spend their 1st year either at our Paris or Tunis campus. Year 1, devoted to Finance fundamentals, prepares students for their choice of 12 specializations in Year 2.  Some courses are taught in English.
  • The Financial Markets stream offers a dedicated curriculum beginning in Year 1. Classes are taught exclusively in English.
  • The Master’s in Finance prepares students for careers in corporate finance, in commercial and investment banking, in the insurance industry, investment funds, private equity, audit and consulting...

Degree Level :  Baccalaureate + 5
Dauphine Master's: French Grand Etablissement Master's Degree
Program Duration: 4 semesters (not including an interim year)
Number of ECTS Credit points: 120
Program Head: Delphine LAUTIER, Professor
Contact :

  • Full-Time Study

We advise students who have completed Year 1 of the program to take an interim year before beginning Year 2, in order to gain real-world experience, refine their career projects, and strengthen their résumé. The interim year gives students the opportunity to effectuate internships in France or abroad, in relation to the Master’s curriculum and their choice of specialization.
During their interim year, the teaching team provides students with close supervision and advisory, as well as information about careers in Finance.

Full-time students complete their Master’s in Finance over 2 academic years. Year 1 is devoted to the program’s common core curriculum. The first semester focuses entirely finance fundamentals, giving students the solid foundation they need before a second semester on international exchange. The Paris-Dauphine International Office coordinates international academic exchange with our partner universities.

  • Apprenticeship track

2nd Year students who choose to specialize Real Estate Management, Asset Management, or Investment Banking and Capital Markets can opt for the apprenticeship track.

  • Executive Education

2nd Year specializations in Finance, Banking and Finance, Advanced Finance, Financial Markets, Asset Management, Real Estate Management, and Audit & Financial Advisory are open to Executive Education students.


The Master’s in Finance faculty is comprised of:

  • A permanent, core team of Full Professors and Senior Lecturers in Finance
  • Associate professors: finance professionals, who divide their time between teaching duties at Paris-Dauphine and their professional activities.
  • Guest speakers: High-level finance professionals who share their expertise in one-off lectures or seminars.

Delphine LAUTIER, Professeur des Universités, 
Responsable du Master Finance 1ère et 2ème année et du parcours Research in finance
Hervé ALEXANDRE, Professeur des Universités, 
Responsable du parcours Banque et Finance
Hamza BAHAJI, Professeur associé,
Responsable du parcours Banque d'investissement et de marché
Denis BURCKEL, Professeur associé,
 Responsable du parcours Management de l'immobilier Campus de Paris et de Casablanca
, Professeur des Universités, 
Responsable du parcours Parcours International (Tunisie) - 1ère année et 2ème année
Frédéric GONAND, Professeur associé,
Responsable du parcours Assurance et gestion du risque
Elyès JOUINI, Professeur des Universités et
Marie-Aude LAGUNA, Maître de Conférences
Responsables du parcours Gestion d'actifs (Asset management)
Hubert DE LA BRULERIE, Professeur des Universités,
Responsable du parcours Management financier de l'entreprise
Gaëlle LE FOL, Professeur des Universités
Responsable du parcours Financial Markets
Juan RAPOSO, Maître de Conférences
Responsable du parcours Finance - 1ère année en formation initiale ou en formation en alternance
Olivier RAMOND, Professeur des universités,
Responsable du parcours Audit et financial advisory (229)
Fabrice RIVA, Professeur des universités
Responsable du parcours Finance d'entreprise et ingénierie financière (225)



Average job search duration after graduation


100 %

First Job employment rate

Average annual gross salary

€ 56,396

Source: Paris-Dauphine Master’s Graduate Employment Survey for the Class of 2017, carried out in collaboration with Pluricité, a consulting group specialized in public policy assessment, between January and March 2019.


Jérémy GABAY, FX Sales-Trading, Barclays Wealth
Master’s in Asset Management – Class of 2007
"Following a generalist business degree from EDHEC, the Master’s in Asset Management (222) was gave me the specialized, career-oriented expertise I was looking for. The program is truly excellent."

Flavien DOUETTEAU, ALM Manager, BNP Paribas
Master’s in Asset Management – Class of 2008
"Paris-Dauphine’s Master’s in Asset Management (222) provides a perfect mix of academics and professional experience. The Apprenticeship track made it possible for me to get to know the world of finance while acquiring all of the theoretical foundations, skills, and tools I needed for my future career."

Anais DOVI, Cash Equity Sales, Merill Lynch
Master’s in Asset Management – Class of 2008
"The Master’s in Asset Management (222) provided me with a comprehensive view of Asset Management, combining theory with practice. It gave me a definite competitive advantage at the start of my career. The breadth and depth of the curriculum guarantees our success."

Paul KAREHNKE, Assistant Professor, University New South Wales, Sydney
Master’s in Finance – Class of 2010
"I entered Year 2 of the Master’s in Finance program after completing Year 1 of a Master’s in Applied Mathematics at Paris- Dauphine. My goal was to go on to a PhD in Finance. The Master’s curriculum gave me a clear idea of what research would entail, and the program’s individual academic advisory helped me find a thesis supervisor and a topic that fit my interest in market finance. The program’s international network made it possible for me to organize a co-supervision for my PhD with Tilburg University. The Master’s in Finance program opened the door to an international academic career."

Sébastien BARDY, Head of Corporate Finance at Allianz France
Master’s in Insurance and Risk Management – Class of 2003
"Before entering the Master’s in Insurance Management and Risk (218), I did undergraduate work in Applied Mathematics (ex DEUG MASS) and a Master’s in Accounting and Finance (ex MSTCF now Master’s in Accounting, Control & Audit), at Paris-Dauphine. I have been a Chartered Accountant since 2013. [...] The Master’s in Insurance and Risk Management provided me with a solid general background in Insurance along with the professional tools I needed to succeed. It gave me a clear competitive advantage for my first job at PwC in their insurance sector."

Alexandre DE NAVAILLES, Directeur Général de Hertz
Master’s in Finance – Class of 1997
"I did my undergraduate and graduate studies at Paris-Dauphine: a DEUG MASS, DEUG GEA, and an MSG in Finance/Tax,
My fondest memories are from my student club and volunteer activities (I was an active member of one of the University’s emblematic student associations).
My time at Dauphine taught me to be self-reliant, independent, and resourceful. Paris-Dauphine also gave me real management expertise – Accounting, Tax, Control ... I believe that I came away with stronger skills to start my career than many students who graduated from more commercially- oriented business schools.
Today, I see Paris-Dauphine as a very open, international university, that without a doubt offers some of the world’s top and increasingly renowned academic programs."

Myriam DURAND, Responsable du bureau de Paris de Moody’s France
Master Finance – Promotion 1991
"Après Sciences Po, j'ai rejoint le DESS Banque et Finance de Paris-Dauphine. Je garde le souvenir d'une université très vivante avec un enseignement solide. Certains de mes camarades m'ont fait découvrir le monde des associations de Dauphine et je me souviens d'une énergie formidable.
Paris-Dauphine est connue et reconnue pour ses enseignements en finance. Dans mon parcours professionnel, j’ai pu constater que sa réputation reste aujourd'hui largement méritée et beaucoup de mes collaborateurs chez Moody’s ont suivi une formation à Paris-Dauphine.
Aujourd’hui, l’image que j’ai de Paris-Dauphine, est celle d’une université qui a su conserver une forme de simplicité et de convivialité."



An agile, connected community

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  • Dauphine Alumni brings together over 80,000 graduates in positions of professional responsibility. The Association’s 20 thematic clubs organize encounters, after-work networking events, conferences, and mentoring initiatives.
  • Dauphine Alumni Chapters, active locally, form a close-knit network in France and around the world.
  • Over 20,000 alumni are active on Paris-Dauphine’s social networks and various websites.


Our dynamic alumni-driven networks are open to Paris-Dauphine students from day 1. They offer you the perfect ecosystem for building professional ties and relationships that will benefit you as students, as graduates, and throughout your careers, be it in business, civil service, or as entrepreneurs.


Academic, institutional, and corporate partnerships in France and internationally ensure students both a global and real-world perspective

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  • Partnerships
    The Master’s in Finance has built long-term relationships with numerous corporate partners and international organizations. These partnerships benefit our students on the academic level, with the participation of expert professionals, and greatly facilitate the acquisition of real-world experience via internships and apprenticeship contracts in France and internationally.
  • Networks
    The Master’s in Finance is a member of QTEM, the Quantitative Techniques for Economics & Management Masters Network.
  • International Exchange
    The Masters in Finance has signed international exchange agreements with numerous foreign partner universities (Bocconi, Lugano, ...) that make it possible for Year 2 students to spend a quarter or full semester studying abroad. Our partnerships also facilitate international internships.


Paris-Dauphine is home to some of France’s top research centers and PhD programs in its fields of expertise

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  • Paris-Dauphine promotes academics that are solidly grounded in research.
  • Accordingly, the Master’s in Finance works in close collaboration with numerous Paris-Dauphine Research Chairs, and Initiatives such as the Individuals and Risk chair, the Asset Management chair, the Quantitative Management Initiative, or Modelling the Integration of Oilseed Markets (MiMO).
  • The Master’s also works closely with DRM, the Dauphine Center for Research in Management, where a majority of the Master’s in Finance faculty carry out their research, and in particular with the DRM- Finance research team. DRM is dedicated to theoretical and applied, quantitative and qualitative research in all areas of management including marketing, strategy, finance, organizational theory, human resource management, information systems, accounting, control, and audit. It is one of France’s top research centers in the Management Sciences.



The program is open to French and international students who hold a Bachelor’s degree (Bac +3 - 180 ECTS) in Management, Economics, Accounting, or Applied Mathematics from Université Paris- Dauphine, Institut Tunis-Dauphine (ITD), other universities, or a degree officially recognized as equivalent from a Business School, Engineering School, Grande École, or Grand Établissement.

Current Paris-Dauphine students applying to Year 1 of the Master’s in Finance program: click here for admissions prerequisites.

  • All applications for admission must be submitted online, including those from students who have completed or are completing their Bachelor’s (L3) In Management at the Institut Dauphine-Tunis.
  • Your application for admission will include:

Your transcript for the Baccalaureate, Bachelor’s Degree or other university-level degrees

A résumé including all of your professional experience, spoken and written languages, and extra-academic activities

A motivation letter (for those considered admissible)

  • Admission to Year 2 of the Master’s in Finance program: for conditions, see the webpage dedicated to your choice of stream.

Admissions for the 2019-2020 academic year will open on 
 January 29th 2019

  • Click here for detailed information on application and admissions procedures and deadlines.
  • All applications must be submitted online, including those from students completing their Bachelor’s (L3) in Management at Paris-Dauphine Tunis.
  • Tuition varies according to an income-based scale.
    Click here for detailed information on the tuition scale, how it is calculated, and the required supporting documents for your application.
  • Financial solutions are available to our Master’s students thanks to the the CROUS, la Fondation Paris-Dauphine, and the University’s corporate partners.
  • A significant portion of our 2nd year Master’s students opt for the apprenticeship track. Apprenticeship students receive a salary and the host company also pays the student apprentice’s tuition and fees.