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The Master’s in Marketing & Strategy prepares students for careers in strategic and operational marketing. Our goal is to form intellectually curious, agile professionals who have the skills, the knowledge, and the professional instincts they need to be effective, responsible managers in a fast evolving, increasingly digital world.

Comme à chaque rentrée, les six parcours du Master Marketing & Stratégie accompagnent des start-ups...

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  • The Master’s in Marketing & Strategy is designed to develop your strategic, operational, and soft skills. Our goal is to help you boost your creativity, build your leadership skills, develop your analytic capabilities, look at issues from a broader perspective, and foster a caring, benevolent approach to management.
  • The curriculum combines in-depth theory with active learning. Course material includes text books, research publications and lecture courses with industry professionals.
  • The Master’s program organizes numerous “challenges” (competitions) in partnership with major brand names such as L’Oréal, Auchan, Emmaüs, Leboncoin

Degree level :  Baccalaureate + 5
Dauphine Master's: French Grand Etablissement Master's Degree
Program duration: 4 semesters (not including and interim year)
Number of ECTS credit points: 120
Program Head : Florence BENOIT-MOREAU, Senior Lecturer
Contact : valerie.carrel-billiardping @

  • Students complete their Master’s in Marketing & Strategy over 2 academic years. Year 1 is devoted to a common core foundation courses, including strategy and organization, marketing, and methodology. In Year 2, students choose from 6 specializations, known as “streams”. Depending on the stream they choose, students may opt for full-time study, or the apprenticeship track.
  • Full-Time Study

We believe that it is imperative for all students to gain professional experience during their studies, via internships in France or abroad. Internships provide you with an opportunity to put theory into practice, refine your career project, and strengthen your résumé. The University advises students who have completed Year 1 of the program to take an interim year devoted to internships before beginning Year 2. Students may also do an “end-of-studies” internship at the end of Year 2.

  • Apprenticeship track

Three, Year-2 specialization streams propose an apprenticeship track: Business DevelopmentLuxury Management, and Marketing Communications.

Students who opt for the apprenticeship track can begin their apprenticeship in Master’s Year 1, provided they sign a 2-year apprenticeship contract with their host company.
Students may also opt for full-time study in Year 1 followed by an apprenticeship in Year 2.

Apprenticeship track students divide their schedules between working at their host company and classroom time at Paris-Dauphine. Exactly how the time is split between academics and work will depend on your specialization (for example: 2 to 3-days/week working plus a period of full-time work and the rest in the classroom …).

Students who choose to combine university studies with professional experience for whole or part of their Master’s program come away with a clear advantage as they begin their careers. Apprenticeship track students benefit from individual academic advisory at Paris-Dauphine and a corporate tutor in their company – a spring board to professional competency.


The Master’s in Marketing & Strategy is taught by:

  • A permanent core team of Full Professors and Senior Lecturers, and industry professionals who divide their time between teaching duties at Paris-Dauphine and their professional activities.
  • Instructors from a broad spectrum of other professions and industries such as coaches, artists, and actors. They contribute to the program’s diversity and increase student exposure to a variety of mindsets and approaches.

Florence BENOIT-MOREAU, Senior Lecturer
 Head of Program - Master’s in Marketing & Strategy
Manuel CARTIER, Professor
Stream coordinator – Business Development - MeM
Paul N'GOBO, Professor
Stream coordinator – Product Management and Market Research
Eva DELACROIX, Senior Lecturer
Stream coordinator – Marketing Communications
Denis GUIOT, Professor  and
Pierre VOLLE, Professor
Stream coordinators – Consulting, Market Research and Analysis
Valérie RENAUDIN, Professor and et
Joël PlatAssociate Professor
Stream coordinators – Distribution and Customer Relations
Arielle MONNEROT-DUMAINE, Associate Professor and 
Denis DARPY, Professor
Stream coordinators – Luxury Management



Average job search duration after graduation


98 %

Recent graduate employment rate

Average annual gross salary

€ 40,901

Source: Paris-Dauphine Master’s Graduate Employment Survey for the Class of 2017, carried out in collaboration with Pluricité, a consulting group specialized in public policy assessment, between January and March 2019.

  • A majority of our graduates pursue corporate careers : in industry and distribution, with advertising clients, advertising agencies, consulting firms, market research institutes … Some even in work for NGOs, public administrations, or local and community organizations.
  • Our graduates often occupy functions in the area project management and digital communications within Marketing Communications departments, depending on their specialization.
  • Entrepreneurship is also an increasing popular career option.

Loriane BERNAUDIN,  Product Manager eCommerce at l’Occitane en Provence
Master’s in Distribution and Customer Relations – Class of 2013
"The program was perfect to prepare me for a wide range of functions in distribution and customer relations. Mass marketing, selective distribution, eCommerce … we explore them all via stimulating case studies and projects, guided by professors and professionals who are at the cutting edge of their fields. It was an exhilarating time for me that helped me refine my career plan and kick-start my professional life."

Pierre GOMY, Director of Development, Brand and Communication, TNS-SOFRES
Masters in Consulting, Market Research and Analysis - Class of 1992
"I finished by Masters in Marketing & Strategy, in 1992, with a specialization in Consulting, Market Research and Analysis. The program was excellent both in terms of curriculum and teaching. It was at the cutting edge of marketing techniques and gave me a rock-solid foundation in marketing concepts, practices, and market research methodology. I also learned to think more effectively and became aware of how important it is to take a structured, “scientific” approach to a discipline that often lacks intellectual rigor.
The program provided vauable life experience: both the teaching team and my fellow students shared a passion for knowledge that created a stimulating environment in which to study and grow. I can honestly say that not a day goes by where I don’t use the knowledge and skills I acquired during my time at Paris-Dauphine. I believe that my Master’s gave me a real competitive advantage, and significant added value compared to a majority of marketing professionals who have graduated from more commercially oriented business programs. My Master’s was a veritable launch pad for my current job: Director of Research & Development in Branding and Communications."

Thierry GAILLARD, President, Orangina Suntor
Master’s in Product Management and Market Research – Class of 1988
"“I hold a Master’s in Management from the University of Lyon and a DESS in Marketing from Université Paris-Dauphine. I still remember how excellent my Dauphine professors were and how many top-level guest lecturers we had. The program’s flexible class schedule (evening classes) made it possible for me to invest significantly in Dauphine's Junior Entreprise – I loved it!
I consciously chose to go to university rather than follow the classic "Prepa – Grandes Écoles" path – and I have never regretted it. A university education opens more horizons and allows you to study a wider range of subjects; it gives you broad-based initial training and a more progressive introduction to career-oriented specializations."



An agile, connected community

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  • Dauphine Alumni brings together over 80,000 graduates in positions of professional responsibility. The Association’s 20 thematic clubs organize encounters, after-work networking events, conferences, and mentoring initiatives.
  • Dauphine Alumni Chapters, active locally, form a close-knit network in France and around the world.
  • Over 20,000 alumni are active on Paris-Dauphine’s social networks and various websites.


Our dynamic alumni-driven networks are open to Paris-Dauphine students from day 1. They offer you the perfect ecosystem for building professional ties and relationships that will benefit you as students, as graduates, and throughout your careers, be it in business, civil service, or as entrepreneurs.


Academic, institutional, and corporate partnerships in France and internationally ensure students both a global and real-world perspective

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International Exchange

  • First Year Master’s students can spend either a semester or an entire year studying abroad at a growing choice of international partner universities whose programs are compatible with ours, in terms of content and excellence.
    Second Year Master’s Students who have chosen the Business Development specialization stream may also spend 1 semester studying abroad.


  • The Master’s in Law program has developed a strong partnership with Fondation Paris-Dauphine’s Cercle Performance des Organisations (Performance and Management Circle) and its founding corporate partner, AFNOR.


Paris-Dauphine is home to some of France’s top research centers and PhD programs in its fields of expertise

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  • Some of our Master’s graduates specialized in Consulting, Market Research and Analysis, choose to go on to a PhD, encouraged and supported by the program’s faculty.
  • Paris-Dauphine’s Master’s in Marketing & Strategy works in close collaboration with DRM, the Dauphine Center for Research in Management, a joint Paris-Dauphine-CNRS research unit, and in particular with faculty and researchers from the ERMES team (Marketing & Strategy) and the MOST team (research in markets, organizations, enterprises, and technologies).
  • Our faculty and researchers also participate in research projects outside the university, notably with the Center for Customer Management and the Center for Public Marketing.



The program is open to students who hold (or are in the process of obtaining) a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Applied Economics, Econometrics, etc. from Université Paris-Dauphine or another university, or a degree officially recognized as equivalent from a Grande École, or a Grand Établissement.

All our programs are taught in French only; therefore, perfect command of the French language will be essential.

Overall academic performance (transcript for your baccalaureate and bachelor’s degrees with, if possible, an indication of your ranking at university).

Level of understanding of the social and economic environment.

Professional experience: internships are particularly important for applicants to Year 1 of an Apprenticeship track program. We require at least 1 internship in M1 and 2 internships in M2 including one 6-month internship.

Advancement and coherence of your professional project and its accordance to the Marketing and Strategy Master’s degree objectives

Interview performance: how self-possessed and articulate you are…

Proficiency in English.

Extra-curricular interests, activities, and achievements, in particularly any humanitarian, cultural, or athletic volunteer activities.

  • Admission to Year 2 of the Master’s in Marketing & Strategy: for conditions, see the webpage dedicated to your choice of stream.

Admissions for the 2019-2020 academic year will open on 
 January 29th 2019

  • We may require an interview before making a final admissions decision.
  • Students who are admitted to Year 2 of the program must confirm their acceptance by April 20th 2018.
  • Tuition varies according to an income-based scale.
    Click here for detailed information on the tuition scale, how it is calculated, and the required supporting documents for your application.
  • Financial solutions are available to our Master’s students thanks to the the CROUS, la Fondation Paris-Dauphine, and the University’s corporate partners.
  • A significant portion of our 2nd year Master’s students opt for the apprenticeship track. Apprenticeship students receive a salary and the host company also pays the student apprentice’s tuition and fees.