Athletics & recreation

Université Paris-Dauphine has the strongest and most active Sports Department of any university in Ile de France. Approximately 40% of our students are enrolled in an athletic activity for credit or recreation.

Dauphine offers over 30 athletic disciplines, all taught by accredited, quality instructors.

Sports is an essential ingredient for university life, it:

  • helps to develop one’s physical potential, maintaining and improving fitness
  • a source of equilibrium – it helps you manage stress and stay healthy
  • encourages community spirit and teamwork, facilitates integration and gives students the opportunity to participate in the university sports movement as responsible citizens

Athletic facilities

On-campus athletic facilities

The Dauphine 1,200 m2 sports hall is located on the basement levels (-1 and -2) in the new wing of the main Dauphine building. Facilities include a dance studiodojo (combat room), weight roomtable tennis space and squash court as well as changing rooms, showers, amenities and a relaxation space.

The weight room is an open-access facility staffed with a coach during opening hours: Monday & Friday 10AM – 10PM
- Tuesday & Thursday 
12AM – 10PM 
Wednesday 12AM – 3PM & 5PM - 10PM
- And Saturday 10AM - 6PM.

Off-campus athletic facilities

For sports requiring outside or special facilities and equipment, SUAPS rents off-campus facilities near the main Dauphine campus (swimming pool, gymnasium, playing fields, tracks, golf courses and driving ranges…). Most of the off-campus facilities are within 5 to 10 minutes walking or biking ('velib') distance from the Porte Dauphine campus.

Athletic offices

Our mission is to allow a vast majority of students, faculty and staff to engage in athletic activities. We encourage students, faculty and staff to:

  • Practice at least one, and ideally several, sports for pleasure
  • Engage in one club or competition sport
  • Take one athletic course for credit (all students whatever their degree program can earn course credits for qualifying athletics classes)

The department is composed of :

  • A director of Athletics and Recreation,
  • 3 full-time teachers
  • A department administrative assistant
  • A manager
  • 37 part-time instructors

Office Hours

  • Monday, tuesday, thursday & Friday : 9:30AM–1PM & 2:14PM-4:45PM
  • Wednesday : 9:30AM – 11:45AM

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