Université Paris-Dauphine is more than just a university; it is a diverse and vibrant community, where students, faculty & staff and alumni come together to share and to grow.

There are three official categories of clubs and organizations with registered offices at Dauphine. They receive financial support from the university in keeping with strict rules and regulations:

  • Dauphine student clubs and organizations 
    30 different clubs bring together students committed to humanitarian, cultural, athletic, community or recreational projects that benefit the entire Dauphine community and beyond.
  • Dauphine professional sector associations
    Over 60 associations devoted to specific professional sectors, most often sponsored by the Masters 2 departments, organize events designed to inform about and promote the sector and to create a class spirit among students who share the specialty. The professional associations also develop and maintain ties with the network of recent Dauphine grads.
  • Dauphine Alumni Association
    Dauphine Alumni’s goal is to develop the Dauphine network and promote Dauphine internationally. The association fosters and facilitates exchanges between alumni and students through the activities of its numerous professional, international and thematic clubs. Alumni clubs and groups organize over 80 events annually.

Student Services

Student Services is the official liaison organization between student clubs and associations and the Dauphine administration for:

  • Creating an association
  • Providing clubs and associations with a registered address
  • Organizing events
  • Requesting financial support or subsidies
  • Communicating information, events and news over the internet (web site, facebook, tweeter…)