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What can we say about economic restructuring in France to date?

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Ambitious and International

Since its foundation in 1968, Université Paris-Dauphine has been committed to developing and furthering research in the organization and decision sciences. 

Our goal has always been to play a significant International role in furthering knowledge and understanding in the management and organization sciences, while contributing to our communities and promoting France as a center for scientific and academic excellence.

Today, Dauphine is recognized as one of Europe's leading research institutions in its field.

In keeping with our goals and to strengthen our commitment to excellence, Dauphine co-founded PSL-Paris Sciences et Lettres, recognized in July 2011 as one of the 3 premier French initiatives for excellence.

Together with our 16 PSL partners, we aim to make PSL one of the world's top 20 research institutions.

A common goal

The Dauphine academic and research community brings together a variety of disciplines and fields of expertise, each with its own methodology and research focus, all working towards a common goal:

to further the knowledge and understanding of how complex human and organizational systems function.

Research centered around the organization and decision sciences

Research focuses on 5 areas of study, all within the field of the decision and organization sciences. Research is structured around 5 PhD programs and 7 research centers:

  • Management
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Sociology & Political Science
  • Mathematics & Information Technologies

Research assistance and support services promote research programs and publications both inside the university, to the French and international corporate, scientific and institutional communities as well as to the general public.

Training future researchers

Dauphine research centers play an instrumental role in "training future researchers through the practice of research" in collaboration with Dauphine's Doctoral School. They also participate in privately and publicly funded research programs and contribute to the taught Masters degree programs.

Fondation Dauphine's 10 Chairs of Excellence further contribute to training researchers, sharing knowledge and developing ambitious research programs with French and  international partners both public and private.

Dauphine's focused, structured and ambitious research  organization coupled with its close collaborative ties to the corporate world are essential assets to maintaining and furthering our position as a leading international player in our field.