Individuals and Risk market analysis and response Chair

La Fondation du Risque 

under the aegis of the Risk Foundation,
with Paris-Dauphine University, the ENSAE, the CEA and Groupama

 Université Paris-DauphineENSAE ParisTechCentre d'Études ActuariellesGroupama

The modelling and analysis of individual behaviour towards risk (in the largest sense of the term) are at the heart of important specific questions on insurance and finance.

This behaviour determines to a great extent the demand for insurance, as well as the risk-sharing rules for economic agents.
It is for this reason that individual finance is currently experiencing a great boom.

This behaviour also affects household debt and savings, the driving force behind our economies.

The implementation of top-up mortgages shows that these issues have a central role in the concerns of decision-makers, and the impact of these loans on consumption, real estate strategies and, in more general terms, on household investments, runs the risk of becoming highly important through the wealth effect created as a result.

This Chair aims to develop teaching and research, whether theoretical or applied, in the fields of risk and individual behaviour.

This is a transversal project involving teams from CREST-ENSAE and Dauphine, and forms part of a multi-disciplinary approach on both a technical level and in terms of fields of expertise (financial economics, behavioural finance, experimental finance, decision-making theory, etc., which may be enriched by contributions from the fields of psychology, sociology, marketing...).

The project's transversal nature can also be seen in the questions asked, which deal with finance, insurance, environmental issues, decision-making factors, etc.

Its primary objective is to develop a reflection and research axis built around a team, the creation of specialist, focused teaching linked to the Chair's specialist areas, the implementation of a forum for exchange and expertise between universities, chair partners and other actors within the sector.

The chair is held by:
Elyès JOUINI, professor at Paris Dauphine University