Risk Markets & Value Creation Chair

under the aegis of the Risk Foundation,  

Paris Dauphine University, the École Polytechnique, AGF and ENSAE  


This Chair aims to study the causes and consequences of the emergence of a powerful health sector in developed countries, mobilising over 10% of resources and still growing at a sustained rate. This development is ambivalent in nature: it satisfies new requirements, creates services and employment, stimulates innovation and drives growth; however, at the same time, socialised financing weighs down on obligatory withholdings and restricts business competitiveness, which have been historically involved in its financing. This contradiction raises the question of changes in the notion of health "risk". Financing bodies today must face up to long-term risk linked to ageing and disability, despite the fact that they were originally created to deal with short-term acute illnesses. The financial role, which was initially their only task, has become a role as an organiser and even provider of health services. Requirements for more rigorous risk management have meant that many more distinctions are made between insurance and redistribution dimensions, which were strongly embedded in their structures at the outset.

These subjects, and some others, will be central to the teaching and research activities that this Chair aims to support.

 The chair is held by
Claude LE PEN, Professor at Paris Dauphine University.