Research Assistance & support

Our Mission

The Research Assistance and Support Office was created in 2006 by uniting two separate departments: the Research Promotion and Funding Office and Research and Thesis Services.

Our mission is to coordinate and promote Dauphine research and provide operational support for the Université Paris-Dauphine research centers and doctoral school. We advise and support PhD candidates during their research and thesis period, guide them in their professional projects and promote PhD candidates, graduates and researchers internationally. The Office provides support and coordination services that contribute to defining and implementing the university's 4-Year Research Program and to developing corporate and academic research partnerships in France and internationally.


A team of 11

Our Activities

The Research Assistance and Support Office (SCRV) is organized around three core activities: Research, Promotion & Funding and the Doctoral School (ED543).

Research Assistance and Support

serves as the Scientific Advisory Council and its Commissions' Permanent Secretariat 

  • implements the university's research strategy as defined by the 4-year Research Program
  • coordinates relations with the university's oversight ministry and research partners
  • develops and coordinates research dashboards
  • follows and coordinates Academic and Research Chair policy and relations with Fondation Dauphine and other supporting foundations
  • promotes research through targeted communications initiatives
  • reviews applications for Post-Doctoral theses (contact: Vincent Chevance

contact: Anne-Laure Chagnon 

Promotion & Funding

Promotion & Funding services assist Dauphine research centers; they:

  • monitor national, European and international calls to tender, research grant opportunities, calls for research program proposals and new legislative and regulatory measures and keep Dauphine research centers informed and up-to-date in real-time  
  • advise and assist Dauphine research centers in setting up research partnerships: drafting proposals in response tender and project calls or grant opportunities; drafting and negotiating contracts; monitoring the financial and human resource budgets for research contract, in collaboration with the university's Finance and Human Resources departments
  • represent Dauphine research in French and European professional organizations and networks such as the CURIE network, the CLORA network, Humanities and Social Sciences working groups within the context of the 7th European Framework Program( FP7), the CAP ANR network, etc.

contacts: Edith Buser and Stéphanie Birouste

Dauphine Doctoral School – ED543

  • manages administration for the school's 5 doctoral programs: Management,  the Social Sciences, Mathematics, IT and Economics.
    contact for Management and the Social Sciences: Stéphanie Salon
    contact for Mathematics, IT and Economics: Sébastien Le Blanc
  • provides administrative and academic support to all doctoral candidates throughout their PhD studies up-to and including their Thesis Defense.
    contact: Karine Beauvallet
  • organizes PhD-specific curriculum as well as cross-program optional courses designed to provide students with a window onto subjects outside their specialization and an opportunity for personal development
  • Offers career development follow-up and services to Dauphine PhD's
    contact: Karine Beauvallet

 For additional information visit the Dauphine Doctoral School website