Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Sociology, Economics and Political Science

Scientific focuses of the laboratory

The theme of political and social regulation currently tends to constitute the main focus and sphere of the laboratory's work.

Specifically, we have chosen to consider this theme from three perspectives: the first concerns changes in modes of regulation of social relations, in and outside the world of work, and recomposition of identities and associated explosion of new forms of mobilisation and claims to rights.

The second concerns the redefinition of the territories of the social and the political, and of their boundaries, which characterises public action today and which is sometimes covered by the term ""governance"".
The third concerns the production and the uses of the various forms of expertise, categories of thought and classification rights or norms, as ""tools"" of political regulation.


  • 16 research professors of Dauphine ( 3 professors et 13 senior lecturers)
  • 10 CNRS researchers (3 research supervisors et 7 research assistants)
  • 2 research professors assisting at the CNRS
  • 3 research engineers CNRS
  • 1 CNRS administrative
  • 1 contractual administrative assistant from the university (part time)
  • 4 associate research professors
  • 32 doctoral candidates

Nb of publications / year : see laboratory website

Nb of theses / an :  5

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Research projects and invitations to tender

10 research contracts in progress (of which 4 ANR and 1 ACI)

Conferences, events organised

Some conferences et research days:

  • International conference: L’urbanisme temporel
  • Research days : Expertise privée et production de normes, Journée d’études Expertise, réforme de l’Etat et transformation de l’action publique...

Major partnerships and companies

Cereq, Culture department, Labour department, Research department....