Laboratory for Analysis and Modelling of Decision Support Systems

Scientific focuses of the laboratory

LAMSADE's research activity lies at the intersection of two basic disciplines: Computing and Decision Support - Operational Research
Today, this laboratory is now emerging as one of the few laboratories in France and in Europe developing a specific vision of IT, namely Decision Support Computing.

This scientific direction, fully aligned with the scientific project of Paris-Dauphine University, based on the development of Decision Sciences, makes LAMSADE one of the key elements of the university's scientific activity.

The activity of LAMSADE approaches Decision Support Computing from a variety of angles through research themes on decision support, theoretical and applied operational research, combinatorial optimisation, algorithmics, mathematical programming, multi-agent systems, databases, information systems, etc.

Since 2005, its research activities have been organised around four areas (see LAMSADE website):

  • Area 1: Decision support.
  • Area 2: Combinatorial optimisation and applications.
  • Area 3: Intelligent agents and cooperative models.
  • Area 4: Databases, information systems and knowledge management.


  • 13 professors of which 1 emeritus and 1 external to Dauphine, 
  • 2 CNRS research directors, 2 senior lecturers authorised to supervise research (HDR), 
  • 1 CNRS research fellow authorised to supervise research (HDR), 
  • 17 non-HDR senior lecturers, of which 2 external to Dauphine, 
  • 2 non-HDR CNRS research fellows, 
  • 36 doctoral students 
  • 3 CNRS engineers, 
  • 1 technician, 
  • 3 secretaries

Nb of publications / year : approximately 70 articles in peer-reviewed international journals

Nb of theses / year : 8

Dernières publications : see team website: Publications section.

Patents filed or software

Electre IS, Electre III-IV, Electre Tri and IRIS For more information, consult : logiciels.mcdaping @

Research projects and invitations to tender

15 international; 11 national; 21 research agreements and conventions (see 2004-2007 scientific report, on the team website).

Conferences, events organised

5 (2006-2007) Computer Science And Decision Theory

Workshop 2004, 2006 (D.Bouyssou, B. Escoffier, S. Estivie, N. Maudet, W. Ouerdane, M. Özturk, D. Quadri, A. Tsoukias) Cost IC0602 International Doctoral School, Algorithmic Decision Theory: MCDA and MOO 2007 (D. Bouyssou) Decision Deck

Workshop 2007 (V. Mousseau) "Formal Models of Interaction" (MFI)

conference 2007 (Y.Chevaleyre, S. Estivie, N. Maudet) FORTE conference 2006 (B. Bérard, J. El Haddad, S. Haddad)

Major partnerships and companies

  • IBM Europe
  • ILOG
  • RATP
  • SNCF
  • France-Télécom
  • EDF and GDF
  • Renault
  • Thalès
  • Development Agency of Karditsa (Greece)
  • ITAVI (Technical Institute of Aviculture)
  • CS
  • DASSAULT Systèmes, DASSAULT Aviation
  • CNES