A EQUIS labeled university

Paris-Dauphine - the first French university to obtain the EQUIS accreditation

EQUIS – an EFMD accreditation 

EQUIS, the European Quality Improvement System, is an internationally recognized system of accreditation. It is designed to ensure the quality of European institutions devoted primarily to business and management.

Awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), EQUIS accreditation recognizes academic excellence, a high degree of internationalization and professional relevance provided by close interaction with the corporate world.

EQUIS assesses institutions as a whole, including degree programs, research, e-learning, executive education and community outreach. EQUIS standards are international and rigorous. 

EQUIS assessment is based on five areas of evaluation:

  • Mission statement, governance, strategy and resources
  • Academic, research and executive education programs, faculty quality, learning and social environment, student services
  • Degree of internationalization -  of the institution, its student body, faculty and curriculum
  • Strength of interface with the world of business
  • Scope of community outreach and social responsibility.

EQUIS accreditation – a major asset for Paris-Dauphine

2015 - EQUIS accreditation renewed 

On December 15th, 2015,  the EFMD renewed Dauphine's accreditation for a period of 5 years. 

2012 - EQUIS accreditation renewed

On December 13th, 2012,  the EFMD renewed Dauphine's accreditation for a period of 3 years.

The renewal was obtained following Université Paris-Dauphine's Self Assessment Report and a Peer Review Audit carried out between October 2nd and 4th 2012 by 4 international experts appointed by the EFMD. The Self Assessment and Audit mobilized numerous Dauphine teams from late 2012 through October 2012 including faculty, staff, students and outside partners.

2009 – Dauphine receives EQUIS accreditation for the first time

In 2009, Dauphine became the first French university to obtain overall EQUIS accreditation, in recognition of our academic excellence and high degree of internationalization. EQUIS accreditation confirms, if need be, that Université Paris-Dauphine is a legitimate member of France's Grandes Écoles elite and a legitimate competitor to the world's top management universities. Our membership in the select group of 120 EQUIS-accredited institutions worldwide is an asset as we continue building our international partnerships. As Laurent Batsch says, "EQUIS is more than just a label -  it is a change agent that drives our constant efforts to improve the quality of Dauphine education and propels us on our never-ending quest for excellence."

On Wednesday November 25th 2009, the entire student body gathered to hear Laurent Batsch, President of Université Paris-Dauphine (2007-2016), announce that the university in its entirety had been awarded EQUIS accreditation.  At noon, students met in the university's main auditorium to celebrate and demonstrate how proud they were to be "Dauphinois". They then assembled in the court yard and, aided by white banners and t-shirts, stood in formation to create the word of the day. We all remember how moving it was to see those 5 living letters vibrate and resound for all Dauphine to see and hear: EQUIS

Paris-Dauphine the 1st French university to receive EQUIS accreditation – accreditation renewed  2012