10% of Paris-Dauphine's entering Freshman class comes from the university's Equal Opportunity Admissions program


Paris-Dauphine's Equal Opportunity Admissions program, launched in April 2009 with support from Fondation Paris-Dauphine, is an academic outreach program designed to identify and prepare talented high school students from the Paris-Region's priority education zones for university.

On May 23rd, 2017, the Equal Opportunity Admissions commission examined 280 applications from Dauphine's partner high schools, 44 more than in 2016. The commission selected 70 candidates for admission, a full 10% of the entering Freshman class, tough competition notwithstanding. The increasing number of successful Equal Opportunity applicants are a tribute to the quality of our high school partnerships, the program's teaching teams, and their commitment.

Improving chances of success

To welcome freshman from the Equal Opportunity program and help them find their bearings before the start of the academic year, Paris-Dauphine is organizing a 2-day orientation seminar, on September 11th and 12th. Students will learn how the university is organized and about university services and extracurricular activities; they will attend introductory lectures, and meet Dauphine students and faculty who will share their experiences and provide useful advice so that they may begin their academic year under the best possible conditions.

To ensure their academic success, students from the Equal Opportunity Admissions program receive learning support throughout their studies via Paris-Dauphine's unique "triple mentorship" system, that engages the entire Dauphine community (faculty, students, and alumni).

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