4,000 visitors attended Paris-Dauphine’s High School Saturday 2018!


Saturday January 20th was “High School Saturday” 2018, Université Paris-Dauphine’s now traditional Open-House, where high school students can meet and exchange with Paris-Dauphine students, faculty, staff, and researchers.

January marks the beginning of the college orientation and application season for hundreds of thousands of French high school students. It is a time when they rush to gather as much information as possible about the different university programs open to them and the career opportunities to which they lead, in order to decide where to apply. High School Saturday is Paris-Dauphine’s flagship open-house event, where interested high school students and their parents can discover and explore the Porte Dauphine campus (library, sports facilities), learn about our academic programs (in the Organization Sciences or in Mathematics, IT, & Economics), find-out about our international campuses (London, Madrid, Mannheim), and innovative programs such as the Dauphine Talents Bachelor’s program that makes it possible for top-level athletes, talented artists, performers, and entrepreneurs to combine university studies with their athletic, artistic, or entrepreneurial careers.

High School Saturday mobilizes the entire Dauphine community. It is made possible by over 100 student, faculty, researcher and staff volunteers who are there to welcome our visitors and answer their very numerous questions.

Interested high school students who were not able to attend High School Saturday could follow the information session about the university, our programs and curriculum, and the applications and selection process via Facebook or YouTube, including presentations by Isabelle Huault, President Université Paris-Dauphine, by Marc Hoffmann and Alexandre Afgoustidis, respectively Director and Coordinator of the MIDO - Mathematics and IT for the Decision and Organization Sciences Department’s Bachelor’s Year 1, and by Renaud Dorandeu, Director of the LSO – Bachelor’s in Organization Sciences Department.

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From left to right: Marc Hoffmann, Renaud Dorandeu, Isabelle Huault, Alexandre Afgoustidis

High school students and their parents turned out en masse for the High School Saturday information sessions...

...learn about our programs, curriculum and the careers to which they lead…

...meet Paris-Dauphine students.

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Attention: the online platform for applications to the Year 1 of a Paris-Dauphine Bachelor's program will be open from February 26th through April 6th midnight. All applications must be received by the April 6th deadline!