Seventy students admitted to the Equal Opportunities program for the 2018 fall session


Encouraging talent of all kinds. For the third consecutive year, 10% of the students admitted to the university to begin the Bachelor’s degree program are participants in the Equal Opportunities program funded by the Paris-Dauphine Foundation.

The program is designed to ensure greater access to higher education for young people from so-called “sensitive” areas. With help from capacity-building courses they attended at the secondary level, these students meet all the requisite academic standards for admission to Paris-Dauphine.

The Equal Opportunities Committee, which uses a range of criteria in addition to course marks when reviewing student applications, selected 70 students out of 200 applicants in all. Those students were chosen on the basis of their participation in capacity-building courses, their motivation and progress, assessments by teachers and extracurricular activities.

Those who decide to enroll at Paris-Dauphine will be entitled to comprehensive support, including a special workshop conducted prior to the academic year and an array of cultural, instructional and career activities for filling in any gaps in their background. They can also be sponsored by other students, instructors or alumni. 

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