All out for Rugby on Saturday March 15th!


A special event dedicated to Rugby and organized by PSL (Paris Sciences and letters) with numerous Dauphine students participating

Let's all get out for Rugby on Saturday March 15th –  1 Conference -2  Matches – 1 Reception


Let's talk academics - A Conference at the College de France

Two distinguished Dauphine Professors (Renaud Dornandeu and Patrice Griffon) along with a sociologist, an ethnologist,  the French National Rugby team's trainer and a Canal Plus journalist will participate in a multidisciplinary round table on the theme: Rugby an academic approach to Rugby – the game and the stakes.

Let's support our teams - Two Rugby Matches in One

The Dauphine Women's Rugby team vs. the Montagne Women's Rugby team followed by the PSL Men's Rugby Team (including numerous Dauphine students) vs. the University College London (UCL)Men's Rugby team.  UCL is a PSL partner institution. Our very own Laurent Batsch will kick off the two matches!

Let's celebrate and enjoy…together – A reception at Chimie ParisTech

Chimie ParisTech's Director, Valérie Cabull, will present the trophy to the winners…..

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