Alumna of the Month: Bénédicte Brouard a very international business woman


Once a month, we showcase a member of Dauphine Alumni. This month we are proud to present Bénédicte Brouard.


Since 2010, as Positive Moves executive recruiting firm’s European partner, Bénédicte Brouard has accompanied western businesses in their Asian, African, and Middle Eastern expansion. Prior to that, she spent 25 years at Sonepar where she played a key role in the company’s development, first as directeur des relations extérieures (finance/purchasing/sales/development), then as Deputy CEO.
Since 2000, Bénédicte has focused on helping midsized companies and start-ups speed up their growth, founded the B-REF consulting firm (2002) , and worked as a member of Lafayette International’s and Aurinvest’s investment committees, where she mentored and advised 3 companies (SinequaNovacyt and Famoco)
Bénédicte Brouard is know for her solidly international outlook. As Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France (French Foreign Trade Advisor), she created the organization’s Paris Committee which she presided over for 11 years, and sat on the organization’s National Board of Directors. She is a member of IFA-l’Institut Français des Administrateurs, and active in women’s networks such as the Women’s Forum, L-Femmes Forum, and Women in Africa recently created by Aude de Thuin. She is active in the Comité de la Charte, and in corporate sponsorship for the Restaurants du Cœur.
Bénédicte Brouard is a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour (chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur) and Officer in the (French) Order of Merit.
Bénédicte holds a Bachelor’s in History from the Sorbonne, a Master’s in Management from Université Paris-Dauphine, and a degree from Sciences Po Paris. She has been a Major Benefactor and Vice President of Fondation Paris-Dauphine since 2016.


What did you study at Paris-Dauphine?
A Master’s in Management.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Paris-Dauphine?
I have so many - it’s hard to choose! I was at Paris-Dauphine in 1968, its early days. Everything was possible if you were determined- like creating the Dauphine Ski Club and the Dauphine Grand Prix with Francis Latarjet. I remember our university ski competitions – leaving campus after classes and arriving in the mountains at dawn, Georges Chetochine’s extraordinary marketing class, and discovering Law!

Have you stayed in touch with your classmates?
Yes, and it makes me truly happy.

How did your studies at Paris-Dauphine advance your career?
Dauphine gave me a taste for the corporate world, nurtured my entrepreneurial sprit, and encouraged me to dare.

What image do you have of Paris-Dauphine today?
JI an truly grateful to the students who came after me at Dauphine. Along with the faculty, they have made Dauphine proud and contributed to making Paris-Dauphine the world-class university and Grande École recognized for excellence that it is today.
That is why I chose to get involved with Fondation Paris-Dauphine. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to make Dauphine accessible to students from the most under-privileged areas of metropolitan Paris via outreach and academic support during the last two years of high school. The program is there to serve the Common Good and take up a key societal challenge: achieving social equality through diversity. It is incredibly gratifying to see that today, thanks to our efforts, 10% of our students come from the Equal Opportunity Admissions program! The Fondation has also contributed to strengthening Paris-Dauphine’s position in the international arena, and made it possible to improve student living conditions by investing in student housing programs.

How important do you think building a network is for someone’s career?
I am a true networker and I strongly support women’s networks. I still find it surprising that a percentage of Dauphine’s 85,000 graduates have still not understood how important it is to belong to the alumni association.
Graduates of Sciences Po, HEC or X, have know it for a long time!

What advice would you give to students who want to launch a start-up?
GO FOR IT! Live your passion! Surround yourself with good people! ! And learn from your mistakes!