Alumneye helps students who want to integrate prestigious graduate programs


Graduate programs and summer internships abroad are among the most sought-after foreign exchange opportunities, particularly in banking and finance. Alumneye, a company specialized in interview and admissions coaching in banking and finance, has committed to a 3-year partnership with Dauphine to help students achieve their goals.

Graduate programs are in-house training programs offered by major banks and financial institutions to select and retain high-potential candidates. They generally last between 2 and 5 years and include rotations in a broad range of functions and areas of expertise.

Summer internships are most often the mandatory stepping stone to integrating a Graduate Program or to being hired by a major financial institution.

Graduate Programs and Summer internships are well paid and are in very high demand. The recruiting/hiring process is extremely competitive, involved, and complex, a veritable obstacle course: preselection via CV and motivation letter, logical reasoning tests, telephone interviews in English, assessment center… It is 100% Anglo-Saxon and requires real preparation and practice!

Alumneye, a company specialized in interview preparation and coaching for the banking and finance industries, has committed to a 3-year partnership with Paris-Dauphine to help Dauphine students find excellent Summer Internships and spots in prestigious Graduate Programs. Thanks to the partnership, students from 10 of Dauphine’s finance-oriented Master’s programs benefit from coaching with Alumneye professionals to:

  • Boost their knowledge of the roles and programs offered by major international banks in London and Asia
  • Provide them with the tools and skills they need to understand and navigate the recruiting process and develop efficient individual strategies for applying to Summer Internship and Graduate Programs
  • Prepare them for their interviews and in particular for questions designed to test their “fit”, typical of Anglo-Saxon recruiting techniques

Last September (2017), 102 Dauphine Master’s students took advantage of the training, to their great satisfaction!

The Paris-Dauphine-Alumneye initiative has been developed as part of Paris-Dauphine’s Campus and Global Corporate partnership program. Dauphine’s Corporate partners work alongside the university and Fondation Paris-Dauphine to further research, solidarity, and entrepreneurship, and to modernize our campuses. In turn, they benefit from exclusive advantages such as access to research and innovations, and a privileged vantage point from which to promote their employer brand to our students and graduates.