Alumni of the Month: Régis Schultz, President of Monoprix since 2016


Once a month, we showcase a member of Dauphine Alumni. This month we are proud to present Régis Schultz.

Régis SCHULTZ has been President of Monoprix since 2016. He is also a member of group Casino’s Executive Committee.

Prior to Monoprix, Régis Schultz had a remarkable career in Finance and General Management centered on the Retail sector starting out in Finance with the Pernod Ricard group, Régis SCHULTZ joined Kingfisher in 2000 as Head of Corporate Financial Control for the Castorama group, before being appointed CFO of Castorama France, then Director of Corporate Strategy and member of the Executive Committee at Kingfisher headquarters in London. In 2005, he moved to B&Q, the UK DIY retail market leader as Financial Director, and then as Commercial Director and Deputy COO. In 2008, Régis was appointed CEO of BUT, the ailing retail chain, before joining Darty as COO and President of Darty France.

Régis SCHULTZ graduated from Université Paris-Dauphine with a DESS in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering.


What did you study at Paris-Dauphine?

I graduated with a DESS (225) in Corporate Finance.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Paris-Dauphine?

My Macro-Economics classes where I discovered the world from a new perspective, my DESS Finance classes that covered issues I had encountered working part-time as a financial analyst, and my never-ending squash matches in the garage!

Have you stayed in touch with your classmates?

Yes, the mother of my children and my closest friend.

How did your studies at Paris-Dauphine advance your career?

They gave be a solid foundation in finance and business and taught me to look for and find solutions.

What image do you have of Paris-Dauphine today?

I have returned to Paris-Dauphine several times and I always found the same atmosphere I so enjoyed when I studied there along with a more focused feeling of professionalism and ambition than there was at my time.

How important do you think building a network is for someone’s career?

I am not much of a networking person, which is certainly a mistake on my part. A network is an incredible resource that helps you go faster and farther.

What advice would you give to students who want to launch a start-up?

Given my career path, I’m not the best person to give entrepreneurship advice. But what I can say is this: go where your passions leads you – that will give you the drive you need to succeed.