Alumnus of the Month : Quentin Sannié founder and managing director of Devialet


Once a month, we showcase a member of Dauphine Alumni. This month we are proud to present Quentin Sannié

Devialet, founded in 2007, is a Paris-based French company specialized in acoustic engineering. The company has received more rewards than any other startup in the history of High Fidelity for its innovations in sound engineering. Devialet designs and sells a range of high-end audio amplifiers called Expert and a connected speaker, the Phantom, Implosive Sound Center.


<h5> What did you study at Dauphine ?</h5>

I graduated Dauphine with a Master's in Applied Economics (1985) and a Master's in Telecommunications and Media (1986).

<h5>What is your fondest memory from your time at Dauphine ?</h5>

I have so many wonderful memories, but perhaps the best is a class with Jacques Dondoux, who at the time was Director of Telecommunications (the equivalent of CEO at Orange). He was an amazing visionary, funny, brilliant. At a time when digital convergence was on the horizon, his class was an intellectual high point !

<h5>Have you stayed in touch with your classmates ? </h5>

My (now) wife, who also attended Dauphine, my best friend, Alain Salzman, founder of Marques Avenue, and his wife, Anne, whom I also met at Paris-Dauphine.

<h5>How did your studies at Paris-Dauphine advance your career ? </h5>

Dauphine made me enthusiastic and gave me access to the business community, which was quite unusual for a university at the time. I created my first startup when I was at Paris-Dauphine after meeting a guest lecturer with whom I wrote a book and developed an app in Finance. Dauphine nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit.

<h5>What image do you have of Dauphine today ?</h5>

A project that has grown over time, endearing students (I have met quite a few), a modern dynamic institution that occupies a unique position in France.