Anne Kuhm, a Dauphine Bachelor's student win's the French University Championship in Gymnastics 2017!


Anne Kuhm, just 20 year's old, has a serious track record as a champion gymnast. She is also a Dauphine Talents Bachelor's student in Economics and Management.

Anne Kuhm had a passion for gymnastics from a very young age. At 9, she was accepted into the study & athletics program at Brumath, in her native Alsace.
At 11, she moved on to the promising young athletes program in Dijon, where she won her first medals and joined France's national Promising Young Athletes team (Équipe de France Espoirs).

In September 2014 she entered INSEP, France's National Institute of Sports, so that she could continue to progress in her discipline while pursuing her high school studies. After successfully completing her Baccalaureate (ES), she was admitted to Dauphine where she is preparing her Bachelor's in Economics and Management.
Thanks to the Dauphine Talents program, Anne can continue to practice her discipline at the highest competitive level while completing her university studies in a program of excellence.

Five-time medalist two years ago in the French University Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Anne has kept up her the momentum! This year she was crowned French University Champion with 5 Gold medals. She won the all-around individual, the vault, the uneven bars, the balance beam and the floor exercise competitions.

Congratulations Anne, the Dauphine community is proud of you!

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