Bicentennial symposium of Ordre des avocats au Conseil d’État et à la Cour de cassation (French bar association for the French high courts


Organized in partnership with Paris-Dauphine, the Bicentennial Symposium took place on February 12th at the Cour de Cassation on the theme “Predictive Justice”. The symposium brought together judges from the two French high courts, attorneys-at-law to the Conseil d’Etat and the Cour de cassation, and experts in Predictive Justice.

The symposium focused on the topic of Predictive Justice, i.e. how Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence using complex algorithms are being applied to the justice system, for example, to assess a suspect’s likelihood of reoffending or to anticipate litigation outcomes and their potential compensations - somewhere at the crossroads of AI, big data, and legal open data.

The French Digital Republic Bill enacted on October 7th 2016, includes provisions for legal open data that make court verdicts, decisions, and rulings available to the general public. This represents an incredibly rich new source of big data for statistical and probabilistic analysis of French case law. Although the phenomenon is still in its infancy, it carries the potential to profoundly reshape relations between the different players in the French legal system: judges, attorneys, defendants and plaintiffs, as well as legal tech providers and new players.