Business Experience now compulsory for all Paris-Dauphine Bachelor’s students


Business Experience is now an integral (an compulsory) part of Paris-Dauphine’s Bachelor’s programs in the Organization Sciences, from year 1.

An opportunity to put their new skills and knowledge to work in the business world benefits both students and companies

Since 2016, real-world business experience is an integral and compulsory part of Paris-Dauphine’s 1st and 2nd year Bachelor’s curriculum. Students can choose a work contract or internship in a company, or can decide to take on certain well-defined responsibilities in an association (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Head of Communications-Fund Raising & Sponsorship, or Program Head).
It is also possible to work abroad for a humanitarian, environmental, social organization, or NGO.

The initiative is designed to give our students the opportunity to develop additional skills outside the purely academic sphere, to open horizons and encourage them to develop their career plans, and to put what they have learned in their studies to immediate use beginning in year 1.

Over 100 companies have joined us in making it possible for our students to fulfill the work experience requirement.

Do you need students for internships or short-term contract?
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