Club Dauphi’In Retail holds its inaugural conference with keynote speaker and honorary President Régis Schultz, President of Monoprix


On Tuesday, January 9th 2018, the Club Dauph’In Retail held its inaugural conference on the topic: In-store payments: What’s next?

The conference was a resounding success, with an audience of over 150 alumni, students, and retail professionals.

Christophe Juarez, President of Dauphine Alumni, opened the conference. He explained that the Club is supported by Dauphine’s Master’s in Distribution and Customer Relations (Master’s 206), and that Dauphine Alumni was delighted to see a new club focusing on the fundamental issues of retail distribution and its transformation.

Valérie Renaudin and Joël Plat, co-heads of the Master’s in Distribution and Customer Relations, then took the floor; They explained the reasons behind the club. They also emphasized that our master’s 206 enjoys an excellent reputation among retail professionals, and moreover, that numerous Dauphine alumni from other specializations and fields currently work in retail. Today, retail distribution in all sectors, not only food but also in sectors such as banking or luxury goods, are facing similar challenges. Club Dauph’In Retail was created to federate organizations from across the retail sector in a shared effort to reflect on and find solutions to those challenges. They thanked Régis Schultz, a Paris-Dauphine alumnus and President of the Monoprix retail group, to have accepted to serve as the club’s honorary President. The also acknowledged the 5 alumni who make up the club’s Steering Committee: Mathilde Percheron, Retail Director Piaget France and Monaco, Geoffroy Normand, Head of Communications and Data for Auchan Luxembourg, Karine Brana, Associate Director Storetail, Anne-Sophie Sancerre, Retail Director for Unibail Rodamco, and Rathsamy Thirakul, Consultant at Dia-Mart, as well as the 3 Master’s students who helped organize the inaugural conference.

The students introduced the conference by describing current consumer expectations regarding payments, and giving an overview of current and future innovative payment methods, particularly mobile payments via smartphone or by facial recognition.

Régis Schultz, the keynote speaker first told the audience about how Monoprix has addressed the issue of new payments methods at the store level. Based on the fact that a majority of Monoprix customers have smartphones, they launched the Monop’easy app in 5 test locations.
Monop’easy allows customers to scan purchases and pay with their smartphones without going through a check out line. Its simple and direct (too simple for many customers who, according to initial feedback, wonder whether they have really paid and if what they paid is correct!). To use the service, customers simply download the app. The service is particularly well-suited for small shopping carts.

Régis Schultz said that his goal is to equip all of the group’s stores with the technology by Spring 2018. He explained that the technology has numerous advantages: shorter checkout lines for customers, particularly at peak hours, more floor space for merchandise and lower operating costs for Monoprix. He emphasized how important it is for retail groups like Monoprix to implement agile and low-cost alternative payment methods such as Monop’easy, that are simple to use for their customers. It is traditional (physical) commerce’s response to eCommerce’s ultra-simplified payment methods such as Amazon’s One-Click checkout, now the industry standard for omni-channel commerce.

The conference ended with a Q&A session followed by an informal cocktail reception.