Conference organized by the Master's 233 in International Business and NCT Projects


Friday, February 21st 2014, 6 PM in the Raymond Aron lecture hall

Are you ready for Enterprise 2.0?

Lean, Agile, Collaborative and Process Management, Enterprise 2.0, Corporate Social Media....

These new concepts and practices cannot be ignored and they impact business management on all levels.

What is their purpose? To simplify, decompartmentalize and energize our organizations.

In today's hyper-competitive world, where issues are increasingly complex, these new management tools are of strategic importance to corporate organizations.

How do they work? How can we take advantage of them to gain a competitive advantage?

To provide us with a complete overview of these new and essential management tools, the Master's 233 in International Business and NTC projects invites you to attend its first 2014 conference.

The conference welcomes guest speaker Yves CASEAU, Deputy Managing Director of Bouygues Telecom in charge of Strategic Development, Technology and Innovation. He will help us understand these new management practices and share his own experience with them as well as his perspective on the challenges they represent now and for the future.

Yves Caseau is a brilliant, warm and personable speaker - his conference is the perfect opportunity for Professionals, Students and Apprentices alike to learn, question and think about this important new aspect of management.

Excerpt from Yves Caseau's most recent book, Processus et Entreprise 2.0

"How can  businesses be innovative, agile and competitive in today's extremely complex world? In our increasingly complex world, employees often lack focus and motivation while General management is  terrified at the idea that their teams will not be on-board with their strategy. This is precisely where Lean Management and Enterprise 2.0 come into play: they both provide solutions to dealing with the complexity by advocating that businesses replace Command & Control Leadership with People-Centered, intelligence and Understanding-based Leadership."