Dauphine Alumni launches Club Stratégie Défense


The new club, created in May, aims to bring together and inform all alumni interested in defense-related issues in such varied fields as geopolitics, economic defense, or aerospace.

Last October, Pierre Laloux, a PhD student in management, joined five other Paris-Dauphine students to found the Dauphine Stratégie Défense (DSD), which he currently chairs.
Its stated objective is to develop and promote thinking about defense issues and civic-mindedness within the university. By launching this new club, he hopes to expand the effort into the alumni community and encourage dialogue between students and professionals.
To that end, the Vice President of the DSD association will be an integral part of the club’s team.

Rich and varied programming

The Club Stratégie Défense, in partnership with DSD, hopes to host multiple events such as lectures, workshops, and visits in the field of defense, on a variety of topics such as geopolitics, armies, economic defense, and aerospace. The club also wishes to encourage thinking about commitment and civic responsibility.

Another major area of development will be holding regular happy hour type events to build connections between students interested in defense issues and professionals who graduated from Paris-Dauphine and either work or are interested in the sector. In addition, articles, event reports, and dissertation abstracts will be published in the DSD site in partnership with the club. A kickoff weekend touching on one or more defense-related topics is also slated for the coming year. Stay tuned...

If you would like to share an idea with the team, contribute to the development of their plans, or simply keep up with the latest news, visit the Dauphine Alumni site to join the club!

Contact: club.strategie-defenseping @ dauphine-alumnipong.org