Dauphine Alumni launch two new professional clubs


Club Inspiration & Club Influence join the ranks of Dauphine Alumni clubs and associations.

Club Inspiration: foster and encourage innovation at an individual level

The club is a creative and collaborative "Think Tank" that brings together recent graduates, experienced professionals and experts in current topics of interest. Its aim: foster flexibility, inventiveness, and curiosity both in the professional and personal spheres. The club addresses all of the topics that irrigate emerging intellectual trends and contribute to redefining success and fulfillment: collective intelligence, change management strategies, sustainable development initiatives, emerging professions, new work practices, talent retention strategies… The club organizes two ambitious events annually with lectures, workshops, roundtables and networking sessions.

Contact :club.inspirationping @ dauphine-alumnipong.org

Coordination : Sarah Huet, Alexandrine Nguyen, Sofia Lambrou

Club Influence: a new space for reflecting on Influence

Influence plays a critical role in today's world; and whether it is about defining the notion or explaining what purpose it serves, there is a real need to reflect on the concept.

In a context where regulation is increasingly complex (national, European, international) and where public opinion demands an ever-higher level of transparency, it is all the more critical for organizations to make their positions known and understood to decision-makers and to the public, and to give themselves the resources to bear down on (influence) decisions before they are made.

Lobbying is a multivarious activity that involves a variety of professions. Lobbying teams are active in a broad range of sectors and at varying levels in corporate organizations, depending on the industry and on corporate structure: public affairs teams in corporate communications or legal departments, as part of corporate development teams in international affairs departments, in civil affairs departments in the defense industry, or in community relations for the associative sector.

Such tremendous diversity makes the task of deciding how to organize and use lobbying all the more complex for businesses, organizations, and institutions.

Club Influence sees itself as a new space at Paris-Dauphine for professionals faced with the challenges of stakeholder relations, engineering social and community dialogue, and lobbying. By engaging academics and professionals, exchanging on best practices with international participants, and by developing a lecture series, case study workshops, and coaching sessions, the club hopes to foster a shared culture in the field.

Contact :club.influenceping @ dauphine-alumnipong.org

Coordination : Sean Philipp McCoy