Dauphine Alumni opens a San Francisco chapter, in the heart of Silicon Valley


On November 30th, 2017, Dauphine Alumni’s Board of Directors approved the creation of A San Francisco Bay Area chapter.

The new Chapter will bring together Dauphine Alumni already in the Bay Area, welcome new arrivals and facilitate their integration, and help develop contacts between Dauphine students and graduates with local alumni.

The chapter will be led by a 3-member board: Stephan Thomas ‘89, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Identify3D, Charlotte Doutriaux ‘12, trade marketing manager at JUUL, and Elise Furon ‘12, product and marketing manager at Dacast.

Prior to founding the Chapter, Board members identified 169 Paris-Dauphine alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area and organized 2 networking evenings, one in December 2014 with 30 participants, and the other in October 2017 with 25 in attendance.

The San Francisco Chapter will focus on 3 activities: keeping the contact database up-to-date, organizing frequent events to welcome new arrivals and energize networking, creating a dynamic network to help with job and internship searches, and driving regional Facebook and LinkedIn groups.   

Contact : chapter.san-franciscoping @ dauphine-alumnipong.org