Dauphine has launched a new compliance certification program for the latest generation of corporate risks


Anti-Corruption, Corporate Duty of Vigilance, Data Privacy and Protection Compliance: On June 22nd, Paris-Dauphine launched a new 12-day certification program to help businesses keep pace with the evolving corporate risks regulatory environment.

The new certification program was developed by Paris-Dauphine's Executive Education Department in collaboration with the LCDC-Cercle De La Compliance, the AFJE-      i and the NPC, French National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. It targets all functions across the corporate structure.

Why develop a new certification program?

In the past, compliance was an issue primarily for heavily regulated sectors; today it concerns all organizations, whatever their business sector or activity.

In today's rapidly changing legal environment, it is imperative to offer businesses an up-to-date, targeted program focusing on the newest corporate compliance obligations in areas such as anti-corruption, human and civil rights, environmental protection, data privacy and protection, and the corporate duty of vigilance.

A new French regulatory environment

A series of recent French laws and European regulations and directives (the French Sapin II anti-corruption law of December 9th 2016, the French Corporate Duty of Vigilance law of March 27th 2017, new European regulations on data privacy and protection issued on May 4th 2016, and the European Directive on financial reporting) mean that by the summer of 2017, businesses will have to meet new regulatory and legal obligations in the area of anti-corruption, duty of vigilance, and non-financial information compliance.

These developments are part of an international trend towards increased compliance obligations as evidenced by the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the U.N. Guiding Principals on Business and Human Rights.

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