Dauphine makes Office 365 office available to the entire student body!


Paris-Dauphine is intensifying its digital development with new desktop tools for students.

The IT revolution, already well on its way since the late 20th century, went global in the 2000's. A new phase is now underway thanks to widespread democratization of the internet. And the world's major software providers have seen the writing on the walls: the future is online!

And Microsoft has jumpstarted its online future with Microsoft Office 365, a software and services solution offering users online access to its star Office desktop software and to a group of services including cloud storage, social networking services and email. Thanks to Office 365, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all accessible online in a single click – no need to download and install software on your computer or worry about updates!

Dauphine's Office 365 rollout took place over the 4th quarter 2016. As of December 8th, each and every Dauphine student has been provided with an individual Office 365 workspace. Students can access and use all of the most popular software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive. Students can work individually or in a group and move between any of their connected devices: laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Each student has an individual cloud storage of 1 To (1,000 Go). They also have access to the classic downloadable Microsoft Office 2016 suite that can be legally installed on up to 5 separate devices.

Additional software will me made available online in early 2017 and access will be extended to Dauphine faculty, researchers and staff.