Dauphine officially authorized to waive copyright restrictions for disabled students


Dauphine facilitates library and data center access to printed materials for disabled students

Thanks to an authorization to waive copyright restrictions for disabled students granted in December 2013 by the (French) Ministry of Culture, Université Paris-Dauphine can now copy books and periodicals for the personal academic use of its disabled students.

The copyright waiver applies to all disabilities but is specifically intended for persons whose disability makes it difficult or impossible to access the paper documents. The waiver also benefits blind or partially sighted individuals as well as persons with motor or mobility disorders that prevent them from turning the pages of a printed document…..

Thanks to the high-performance equipment provided by the Office of Disability Services (Pôle handicap) and the Dauphine Library, documents can be digitally reproduced in various formats and converted into audio format via speech synthesis.

Numerous technical resources are available to disabled Dauphine students:

  • An EasyReader, accessible ebook reader, with special features such as page scanning with voice recognition, the possibility to convert texts to Mp3, .txt or PDF format.
  • A group study room reserved primarily for disabled students (C617) who require sound-insulation
  • A group study room on the ground floor (B046) with two computer stations equipped with zoomtext and Jaws (speech synthesis) software and a height-adjustable work table.
  • Two screen-reader/magnifiers for the visually impaired (AMD, Retinitis Pigmentosa...), one in the B046 study room and the other in the library on request.