Dauphine Rεcherches goes digital!


Dauphine Rεcherches, Dauphine's research journal, has gone digital!

After a successful first 7 years and 21 printed issues, Dauphine Rεcherches, Dauphine's research journal, has gone digital! All future issues will be available exclusively on-line. The new digital format will give lectors flexible access to articles for a more personalized experience.

The format may be new, but Dauphine Rεcherches remains true to its mission: share the research carried out in Dauphine's 6 Organization and Decision Science research centers* with the academic and business communities, in a succinct and accessible format. Our first digital issue will spotlight DRM, the Dauphine Center for Management Research, and its recent work in three focus areas: Finance, Marketing, and Management.

Click here to access the new digital Dauphine Rεcherches

Dauphine's 6 research centers

  • Cr2D: Dauphine Law Institute
  • DRM: Dauphine Center for Management Research
  • IRISSO: Dauphine Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Social Sciences
  • LAMSADE: Dauphine Center for Research in Decision Systems Analysis and Modeling
  • LEDa: Dauphine Research Center for Economics