Dauphine supports the March for Science


A word from the President

On April 22nd, citizens from around the world answered a call to participate in the "March for Science". Dauphine joined in the call along side universities in France and around the world and research centers such as the CNRS.

The initiative was born in reaction to the statements made by the Trump Administration calling into question numerous scientific studies and findings.
Academics, students and citizens in over 600 cities around the world marched to defend the role of science in policy and society, to reaffirm that supporting scientific research and maintaining its independence is critical, that opinions and beliefs cannot replace findings based on sound un-biased scientific data and rational analysis, and last but not least, that science must play a central role in public debate and policymaking; because by fighting obscurantism, science can play a decisive role in furthering social emancipation, and contribute to the Progress of Societies.

Isabelle Huault
President, Université Paris-Dauphine