Dauphine’s Management by Trust Certificate: an intensive 13-session training course designed for managers


Today, businesses are experiencing profound changes in organization, management, and in work practices and attitudes. Here is what Fabien Blanchot, professor and researcher at Université Paris-Dauphine, and Co-Director of the university’s Management by Trust Certificate, has to say:

Why create a Management by Trust program?

Trust between managers and their teams is fundamental to building a strong organizational structure. The program’s goal is to provide managers and executives with a better understanding of how to build that trust by adopting a managerial culture based on employee autonomy, collective intelligence and cooperation.

The intensive, 13-day program is organized around three 4-day seminar modules: (1) thinking about trust, (2) managing trust, and (3) developing management by trust. Seminars are extremely interactive and are followed by a group project and a day of debriefing.

The program welcomed its first participants in February 2017. After finishing their 4 seminar modules in June 2017, participants will complete the program in January 2018.

The next session will begin on February 22nd, 2018. Seminars are scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays every two weeks from February through June.

Is there a relationship between the certificate program and the “Trust in Management” Chair created in 2016 by Université Paris-Dauphine and the MAIF insurance group?

Yes, a very strong one indeed. First of all, the program builds on the knowledge and expertise that Paris-Dauphine and the MAIF have brought to and are developing via the Trust in Management Chair. The chair devotes its efforts and energy to furthering our knowledge and understanding of how trust effects management, how trust-based management impacts businesses, how to develop trust and trust-based management, understanding the mechanisms on which trust is built or lost, etc.

Furthermore, the program was developed in close collaboration with the MAIF group, who has invested significantly in management by trust. That collaboration was key to designing the program and also to testing and validating it – in fact, the first session was reserved exclusively for a group of MAIFManagers of Managers”. Our second session will be open to executives from other organizations as well.

Is it still possible to apply to the February – June 2018 session?

Yes, there are still a few spots available! Interested executives and their organizations should contact us as soon as possible. We may organize two groups for this session, since we already have 25 confirmed participants!

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