An IPJ Paris-Dauphine - Mines ParisTech student team wins the 2017 PSL Webdothon!


Last December, a 10-day marathon of field research, data collection, multimedia production and web roll-out, gave birth to 6 blogs devoted to the theme: ”Are You Smart?".

The Webdothon is an innovative, multidisciplinary initiative organized by PLS University. The experience brings together students from radically different academic backgrounds (engineering students from ISIGE - MINES ParisTech and journalism students from Paris-Dauphine’s IPJ - Institut Pratique du Journalisme) who form competing project teams to produce a communication tool for the general public.

At the Tuesday January 23rd awards ceremony, the jury of industry professionals awarded first prize to a Smart Food blog entitled Un dîner presque numérique (and almost digital dinner). The winning blog will be online soon via The Conversation France website.

Click below to explore all of the Webdothon blogs: