Disability Awareness Week: games, buzz, and challenges to raise awareness and facilitate integration


Dauphine’s 2017-2018 Disability Awareness Week took place from November 20th – 24th - an excellent opportunity for students, faculty and staff to become better acquainted with the issues around disability, the challenges that their disabled fellow students and colleagues face on a daily basis, and to inform disabled students about all that Dauphine Disability Services has to offer.

In addition to the traditional conferences and an online course on disability and disability services (with an audience of close to 500!), the week’s program included two interactive, game-based events:

Handibuzz, a game to test your knowledge

Are most disabilities visible? What rights do disabled persons enjoy? What percentage of the French population has a disability?… Hosted by members of the Dauphine Solidarité Handicap association, teams of 2 competed to test their knowledge. 150 people participated in this 2-day fun and informative event

Unlock your mind, un escape game

And meanwhile in another venue … and escape game was taking place. A Game Zone was set up in a tent located in the Dauphine main courtyard. Inside, participants encountered an office and a meeting room. The game consisted in solving disability and diversity-based problems, riddles or puzzles. The goal was to get out of the Game Zone as quickly as possible. Game sessions lasted 20 minutes and contestants formed problem-solving teams. The game attracted 210 players in 2 days!

Disability, a key social responsibility challenge for Paris-Dauphine

100 students currently benefit from Dauphine Disability Services (Pôle Handicap de Paris-Dauphine), in close collaboration with the university’s medical services, academic departments, administration and support staff, Library, and Career Development Office. Students benefit from program and exam accommodations, but also from academic support (peer tutors, note-takers) and assistive technologies.

All disability initiatives are part of Paris-Dauphine’s 2015-2018 Multiannual Disability Strategic Plan. The Plan is organized around several focus areas: general disability support for students and staff, facility accessibility and learning accessibility, information, disability awareness-raising in the Dauphine community, and career development.

Click here for more information on Disability Services at Paris-Dauphine.