Discover the extraordinary scope of Dauphine Research thanks to France Culture


Europe's Strategic response to the Asian challenge, How to finance Health Care, The increasing Geographic Disparities French Real Estate Prices ….just 3 examples of Conferences by Dauphine Researchers accessible on-line via France Culture Plus web site.

France Culture Plus is a knowledge-sharing broadcasting platform for a broad range of listeners interested in today's key scientific and social issues.  A France Culture (radio) initiative, the platform brings together universities and institutions of higher learning willing to share audio material of interest to the general public. Participating institutions have each signed a partnership agreement with France Culture.

Université Paris-Dauphine joined the France Culture Plus initiative on November 5th 2013, in keeping with our on-going efforts to promote and share the extraordinary wealth of expertise of our faculty and researchers. We have already up-loaded numerous conferences, such as presentations recorded during the Dauphine Open University conferences (a monthly encounter between Dauphine Researchers , faculty and staff), the conferences organized by the Cercle de Géopolitique…..

Thanks to this new partnership, Université Paris-Dauphine is able to share our research with a community of over 300,000 unique internet visitors a month!

Click here to visit the France Culture Plus web site and listen to all of the currently accessible Dauphine conferences.