Do's Musical invites you to attend its production of "Grease"


Do's Musical will give three performances of Grease: February 20th, March 27th and 28th 2017.

Do's Musical is a Dauphine student association founded in 2015 by and for musical comedy aficionados – dancers, singers and musicians.

For their first production, DO's chose the well-known American hit musical Chicago. In March 2016, 20 singer-dancer-actors and a 9-musician ensemble opened for an inaugural 3-performance run.

Chicago was a resounding success and so here they are again, this time with their own production of Grease, one of the best-known and loved musical comedies of the 1970's.

The production is entirely organized, directed, staged, choreographed and performed live by our students. With energy, passion and talent, Do's Musical and its members have succeeded in staging a production that meets the highest semi-professional standards – we encourage you all to go – you won't regret it!

Click here to purchase your tickets for the February 20th.

To learn more about Do's Musical, visit our Facebook page.

And don't miss these two sneak previews: