Equal Opportunity Admissions: feedback on the 2017-18 welcome and orientation seminar


For the first time since its launch in 2009, the Equal Opportunity Admissions program organized a made-to-measure welcome and orientation seminar for new students.

On Monday September 11th and Tuesday September 12th, Université Paris-Dauphine welcomed 56 new students from the university’s Equal Opportunity Admissions program for a tailor-made, two-day orientation seminar.

The Dauphine Admissions Commission accepted 71 applicants from the university’s Equal Opportunity Admissions partner high schools for the 2017-2018 academic year. 56 of them enrolled: 50 in year 1 (L1) of a Bachelor’s in Economics-Management, 4 in year 1 (L1) of a Bachelor’s in Mathematics-IS, 1 student from the Institut de Engagement-Dauphine partnership enrolled in year 2 (L2) of a Bachelor’s in Economics-Management, and 1 student from the Dauphine-l'IUT de Bobigny partnership enrolled in year 3 (L3) of a Bachelor’s program.

The welcome and orientation seminar is designed to make students’ first steps at the university as smooth and stressless as possible, by accompanying them before the start of the academic year and dissipating any doubts or fears they have about pursuing higher education.

The first morning was devoted to information and orientation. Renaud Dorandeu, Head of the Bachelor’s in Organization Sciences Department, opened the session by congratulating the students and wishing them a happy and successful year. The Equal Opportunity Admissions team then provided students with an overview of the academic year and its high points, finishing up with a few words of advice. A team of 2nd year Dauphine students were there to share their experiences with the group and give students a tour of the campus. Students met with 10 Dauphine student cubs and associations, before a picnic lunch with the 2nd year welcome volunteers.

The afternoon and the following day were more studious, with introductory classes in Mathematics and Macroeconomics. The classes were made possible thanks to the on-going commitment and hard work of the program’s volunteer teaching team.

Despite a full agenda, students were able to meet Université Paris-Dauphine President Isabelle Huault, who told the group know how proud she is to welcome them to Dauphine. During lunch on Tuesday, volunteer Master’s students and recent graduates came to share and exchange with the group about their academic and career projects.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who made the seminar a warm, reassuring and motivating first contact with the university and the Dauphine Community – as the new students told us at the end of the 2-day seminar!

Would you like to help promising young people from the Equal Opportunity Admissions program?

To become an Equal Opportunity Mentor, click here or contact Clémence Abry-Durand, Equal Opportunity Admissions Coordinator: clemence.abry-durandping @ fondation-dauphinepong.fr