European Journalism Centre and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recognize two students from Institut Pratique du Journalisme


Aurélie Franc and Camille Rioual (of the 39th class) received a grant from the European Journalism Centre for their project reporting on efforts to fight sickle-cell anemia in Burkina Faso. Their investigation will soon appear in Le Figaro.

Each year, the Global Health Journalism Grant Programme for France recognizes 10 reporting projects that raise public awareness about global health challenges that receive relatively little media coverage. The investigation by Aurélie Franc and Camille Rioual focused on efforts to fight sickle-cell anemia in Burkina Faso. Although millions of people are likely affected by the disease, it remains little known and infrequently detected in many West African countries. To make up for this, Burkina Faso, where it is estimated that 2% of the population is affected by sickle cell, launched a pilot project for neonatal screening in 2015. The report by the two students includes coverage of this pioneering initiative by four of the country’s maternity wards.

The winning reports will be published in a variety of media such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, Paris Match, and by pure players like SlateLoopsider and The Conversation.

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