Executive and continuing education: Dauphine broadens its course offering in the field of labor relations


Breaking news: Paris-Dauphine is launching a training program for Employee Board Members. Our goal: train employees who will be serving on corporate Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards, in accordance with the 2013 French law on job protection (now applicable to small businesses).

The 11-day program takes place over a period of 3 to 4 months. It is designed for current and future employee board members who have voting rights in the various management bodies. The program was developed in the spirit of Dauphine's Executive Master's in Labor Relations and Negotiations and the continuing education Certificate in Labor Relations. The program brings together some of the most prominent experts in the field; it alternates theoretical skills and practical experience thanks to the participation of practicing employee and independent Board members.

Program participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to better assume their role as Board Member, notably by understanding their company's investment strategy, corporate governance (rules, scope, and how it works), and learning to read and analyze financial statements.

The Certificate for Employee Administrators in part of Université Paris-Dauphine's Labor Relations Pole, a body that brings together disciplines and experts to provide multi-disciplinary training in this increasingly critical area of corporate management and governance.

Classes will begin on January 10th 2017.

Applications and registration are open!