Executive education: a driving force for Africa's economic and social development


Higher economic growth in Africa means that local businesses need more executive education options for their managers and employees. Paris-Dauphine, with its long-standing presence in Africa, is well positioned to provide programs tailored to their needs.

High-level programs

Université Paris-Dauphine has a long-standing commitment to Africa. To compensate for the limited executive education options available locally, Paris-Dauphine has developed an extensive offer of high-level executive education programs tailored to the continent's evolving needs.

The following are three prime examples:

Paris-Dauphine's MBA International Paris : The program trains some 250 senior and top executives annually at local business schools in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Lebanon, and the Indian Ocean.

Executive MBA in Health Care In 2018, the program will be available in Rabat, Morocco thanks to a Paris-Dauphine - Université Internationale Abulcasis des Sciences de la Santé partnership. The program's goal is to prepare Moroccan health care professionals and decision-makers (doctors, hospital administrators and directors) to meet the challenges of their rapidly changing health care systems.

EpiVacPlus: For the past 15 years, EpiVacPlus has contributed to improving the performance of immunization programs in West Africa through on-the-job training and technical support. The program has trained over 600 doctors and pharmacists in 11 French-speaking Sub-Saharan countries of West Africa, and has significantly improved vaccination coverage in 360 sanitary districts representing 6,500,000 infants under the age of 1 and women of childbearing age.

Two campuses

Paris-Dauphine has developed its footprint in North Africa via 2 campuses, one in Tunisia and the other in Morocco.

Dauphine|Tunis, Paris-Dauphine's first international campus, opened its doors in 2009. Its mission is to educate future professionals capable of meeting the challenges of global competition.

Dauphine Casablanca in Morocco, founded in 2016, has already launched 6 Executive Education programs designed for practicing professionals:

And… tailor-made in-house executive education programs

Dauphine Executive Education also offers African economic players made-to-measure in-house training programs. In Morocco, the department is currently helping OCP, the global leader in phosphates, develop an in-house Human Resources Academy for its management team. In Mauritius, in response to a request from the Mauritius Commercial Bank – MCB, Dauphine Executive Education is providing entrepreneurship training to 10 start-up project leaders, to providing them with the skills they need to succeed. Other tailor-made projects are in the starting block, in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroun, …